Now that it is (hopefully) mercifully concluded...

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  1. How low would you rank the Cena/Ryback feud?

    It wasn't quite Cena/Kane Embrace the Hate bad, but damn, it was probably bottom 5 over the past few years as far as Raw ME feuds go
  2. The thing with the Kane/Cena fued is a least there was a slight hint of a Cena heel turn to keep us interested as well as the fact Kane is slightly more bearable than Ryback. + the whole Eve/Ryder thing was so bad it was hilarious

    But yeah, this is probably the worst ME fued I've seen since returning mid 2011.
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  3. Beats Henry / Show I suppose.
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  4. Rather watch this feud than Sheamus/Del Rio again to be honest. That was the worst part of my summer last year.
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  5. Not bad. Opening stages were decent, but they ruined it like normal. Definitely not in the top 5 worst feuds.
  6. It wasn't too bad. I enjoyed their match at ER and Cena putting Ryback through the ambulance was a nice end to last night.

    Anyway, it's not definitely finished, is it? Ryback could easily come out on RAW tonight saying 'I pinned Cena in the Lumberjack match, so I deserve another chance, etc'.

  7. D-Bry was involved with that enough for me to find it more interesting than Ryback/Cena. I've never seen a character destroyed as much as Ryback was in this fued, he looked like he was gonna be an over as hell tweener, then the random turn :bury:
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  8. Yeah, Pedro was such a Ryback mark in the beginning, even has a Ryback shirt. Now he couldn't give less of a shit, lmao. He was watching basketball instead during the match. :dawg: Actually, Pedro hasn't given a shit at all recently. The only match he really payed attention to was Punk and Jericho.
  9. Dammit Pedro.


    But yeah, it had the potential to a decent fued as both guys can be interesting if used correctly, but just about every booking decision they've made has been awful :eww:

  10. Top 5 worst feuds, god no. I'm saying top 5 worst Raw ME feuds since I started watching again in 2010
  11. It was decent. It was good when it started off with the Ryback turn but then became stale.

  12. See I found the initial Ryback heel turn to be cringeworthy. The promo itself was boring and drawn out, and his reasoning of 'oh John Cena doesn't have my back' was just pathetic.
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  13. Very true. I just thought at least a heel Ryback vs a face Cena would be interesting when that promo hit, my expectations were definitely too high.
  14. That match was boring as hell and far to predictable.(like most of Cena's matches)
  15. The Ryback heel turn was idiotic, his reasoning was worse, nobody could believe he could beat Cena, and I've never seen so many bad lines given to one character.


    still not one of the 5 worst feuds, the matches exceeded expectations that's for damn sure

  16. Just for fun name 5 main event feuds from Raw that were worse over the past 3 years
  17. Surely I can't (have we even had 5 main-event feuds? Not challengers of the month, but feuds) Alrighty lets give it a shot lets go:

    -The whole shit between Cena and Nexus after Summerslam when it just would not end
    -Triple H/CM Punk/Vince/Kevin Nash/Johnny Ace shit that ruined the Summer of Punk
    -Cena vs Kane, Embrace the End of Zach Ryder's Career Hate
    -Cena vs Big Show/Johnny Ace
    -Cena vs Rock WM29 edition you called 9 months in advance

    Did I win? :please:

  18. Cena/Nexus wasn't that bad

    HHH/Punk/Nash provided plenty of good segments with back and forth mic work. Better than anything this feud provided

    Cena/Kane was dreadful

    Cena/Big Show/Ace was worse

    Cena/Rock was definitely worse

    3/5. I can't count the first two. That was fun though
  19. :okay: Dammit. Anyone else want to try?
  20. Maybe something The Miz did during his WWE TItle reign?
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