Royal Rumble Now that it is in the books: The Andre Invitational: Yay or Nay?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. Personally, it gets a big ass YAY from me. The build was suspect, but the match delivered.

    -There were enough big names in it (expressing desire to win) that it felt worthwhile
    -The winner, Cesaro, is likely to see a big push this year, meaning this match can serve as an extra catalyst to kick start new pushes in the future
    -Bad fuggin ass trophy can add some prestige in the fans mind
    -and again, Cesaro getting a push after this win can help cement that winning this battle royal at the rumble can be a great thing for someone's career.

    Is this supposed to be an every year thing now? I was skeptical, but in execution it turned out well. I don't dig 30 dudes in the ring at once, but once it was down to 6-8 people it was good. It is also a nice way to help get most of the roster on the card.
  2. Such a lazy, half-assed idea. I get that it worked this year because WM30 and Hogan was host, but please no more. If you want to get upper mid-carders on the card, do MITB with 8 competitors.
  3. They aren't axing the MITB PPV, so having MITB at Mania would be retarded.
  4. Yeah, I'm saying they should, especially now there's only 1 briefcase.
  5. Right, but they won't. MITB PPV is one of the most anticipated of the year now, they won't yank that rug out from the fans just to give it to Mania again.
  6. I think it was a great match, I see people hating on it but it had some awesome spots, and is an amazing way to push people quickly.
  7. Cesaro winning was a massive mark out moment for me. I was watching with a couple of friends who don't watch wrestling at all, and I literally jumped out of my seat and marked when Cesaro was carrying Show across the ring, and then noticed they had done the same. It was the best moment of the night IMO. I realize plenty of DIck Butt marks will disagree.
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  8. I'm a Daniel Bryan "mark" I guess as much as I hate that word.. but I agree, Cesaro winning was surprising as hell to me at least and was a great moment. Him picking up Big Show just made it 10 times better.
  9. It was weird, because as soon as it happened I was like "how didn't I see this coming?" but I really didn't. I fully expected Big Show to win and get a "Mania moment". Show is pretty selfless though.
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  10. Would prefer 20 people next year honestly, this sounds stupid (Nothing new from WWE actually) But I assumed they made it 30 for WrestleMania, although 31 next year is plain stupid.

    The Kofi spot was neat although I legit thought he was going snap his ankles at first, the match was lethargic at first but at the end it very quickly gained momentum and became great. Cesaro again proves he is the ultimate pound-for-pound mo'fer in WWE! Could perhaps use again next to elevate someone in a similar scenario to Cesaro.
  11. I dig it brothers
  12. I had the same reaction sitting next to my daughter, pumping my fists in the air saying YES over and over (not the DB way), then she proceeded to BOO repeatedly for no reason that I know of. I was like "OK you can stop now hun" and she did lol. Also won $10K off the site bets for that win so YAY.
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  13. One of the most mark out moments of the night for me. Remember Stopspot calling it on Skype that Cesaro was going to win. Knew Show was going to be one of the last people though since he came out with the big entrance, didn't expect a body slam though. That was fucking awesome :yay: Won't mind if this is a yearly thing, as long as the superstar gets a solid push
  14. lol how old is your daughter? I used to try to get my sister into wrestling but it never held her attention.
  15. She's 5. We had watched the Scooby Doo movie recently (MANY times) and she's all in love with Cena so I told her she could stay up to watch his match. She made it about half way through his match and then passed the F out. Carried her up to bed after it was done. She didn't even get to see him win after I was telling her he might not. What a dumbass I am for betting against Cena.
  16. What does she think of Bray?
  17. Yeah, double post much? Well I'll use this to add that my wife (who watches Total Divas with me) laughs and asks where Cena's hand sanitizer is before he gets in the ring due to his germaphobe portrayal on the show lol.
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  18. damn 5 year olds. :happy:
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  19. Ok didn't double post? I don't know whats going on
    Nothing that I noticed. All she cares about is John Cena TBH. I'm talking like first celebrity crush here most likely. :facepalm: She was in and out for the first half of the match really. Paying attention to the cat and shit. She's only 5 so I just tried to deal. Had to shush her quite a bit though hahaha.
  20. damn 5 year olds. :happy:
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