Now that Punk is gone..... What do you think are the plans?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. I know that CM Punk could come back but eh... this is about me jumping to the conclusion that Punk is gone for good. But, I just think he is pulling this shit off so Triple H will be like "HEYYYYYYYY-UH, I'll give you-uhhhh a title shot-uhhhhhh after 'Mani-UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" That was my shitty impression of Triple H.

    I honestly think it might be Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan. It makes so much sense if this happens. My first prediction was that Sheamus was gonna go heel at EC. Like the build-up before EC would be Sheamus saying that he has Daniel's back and he's apart of the YES! Movement. And he betrays Daniel at EC and comes out with a cool ass irish themed suit with The Authority the next day leading to Sheamus vs. D-Bry but now Punk is gone. I guess they can have their Sheamus vs. Ziggler plan (TURN ZIGGLER HEEL OR DO SOMETHING WITH HIM PLS) and have D-Bry go after Ze Authority. Also, here are the possibilities

    In one dimension we got:
    • Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan
    • Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the US Title
    In the other dimension
    • Triple H vs. Roman Reigns
    • Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the US TItle
  2. at least Kenta can come in and show people how the move is supposed to look. I dont give one single fuck about this TBH, who is going to miss out on some mediocre matches?
  3. I would mark a bit if they used KENTA as an authority figure against Daniel Bryan honestly.
  4. They won't put Reigns in for the US championship, maybe the IC, but nothing lower than that.
  5. I noticed not many care he is "leaving" which I find quite funny. Dude is a derp. I hate when grown men have little fits like teenage girls. Dude needs to grow a pair before he comes back...

    I am seeing Kane vs Triple H now with the absence of Punk.
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  6. could be a work.

    People got caught out by his 2011 pipebomb. Not very likely but Punk, HHH and Vinny might have a master stroke plan..
  7. He will come back after he releases another promo
  8. I thought for sure after the Royal Rumble he would start feuding with Kane since he caused him the match. He just needs time off to think about it. I hope he isn't gone for good. I was counting on him and Daniel Bryan taking down the Authority
  9. I think we wait for an announcement from WWE to their shareholders before we (as fans) start jumping to conclusions. If such a thing occurs, then he's gone. I'm not jumping off of any cliffs until it does.

    And, even after he does, he's one performer. Yes, he's my personal favorite and has been since his ROH days, but it is what it is. My fanliness survived the retirement of Austin and Foley and it will survive the retirement of CM Punk.

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  10. Well we all forget that the roster still has CM Punk on it
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  11. People just need to hold fire and wait for comments from either or both the E or Punk. Getting all butt hurt over something that isn't even confirmed isn't going to solve anything.
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