Now that Ryder is jobbing, and Hawkins isn't close to being on TV...

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  1. ......Why not putting them together again?

    These guys have history together, chemistry together, and are good friends. (Broski's)

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    Bro's.. :obama:

    I mean, Zack isn't used atm, not in a mid-card title picture. He just jobs all the time lately.. And Hawkins ain't on TV anymore. Not even a backstage segment..


    It could come out with Ryder being attacked by Darren Young or Titus O'Neil, and then Hawkins coming out of nowhere and help Ryder before getting beaten down completely.

    They don't have to go for the gold right away, maybe one time to let people go over them, but it would put Hawkins on the card again, and Ryder could help Hawkins go over because of his own over-ness.
  2. Would be nice to see, would help the tag division.
  3. I believe Hawkins is out on injury and although it would be nice to see them as a tag team, I'd like to see what Hawkins can do when he's given a push as a singles competitor first. Zack Ryder had a pretty decent run, but his lack of mic skills held him back IMO.
  4. His Woo-talk, is enough imo. When he opened ''ZackDown'', he was entertaining enough for me, and the crowd was behind him.

    I would understand if they'd put Hawkins as a singles competitor, but if he'd save Ryder out of a situation in all of a sudden, it would be way more cool imo.

    Especially now he's injured, a surprise comeback would work so well.. From jobbing to Brodus, Ryback and a few others, coming back with Ryder........ I'd mark the fuck out..
  5. This would make too much sense, thus it won't happen.
  6. Fucking #WWELogic, aye?

    Man, I could e-mail WWE the idea, but they don't accept storylines..


    Guess they already know people on forums can make good (maybe better) storylines than themselves sometimes.
  7. I think they just need to leave.
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Its a shame Ryder jobs tbh as he was fairly entertaining to watch even tho his gimmick could grate still had time for him as he jus seems to love his job, the fans an what he does.
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