Spoiler Now that we know the outcomes of MITB what do you expect to see on RAW?

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  1. Anyone expect Sandow or Orton to cash in? I don't see either of them doing so, but certainly expect a feud b/w rhodes and sandow over the case.
  2. I expect Orton to put it on the line. And to Rhodes Scholars to break up
  3. Sandow isn't cashing in until Survivor Series and Orton is probably going to hold it until the Rumble or EC.
  4. Don't expect either to cash in tomorrow, no. But I'm looking forward to the show overall.
  5. Don't really see either of them cashing it in right away.
  6. Ziggler AJ split with big E siding with AJ
    Crappy Cena promo with an interuption from Orton
    Lesnar to save Heyman from punk
    Start of Sandow Rhodes feud although that could be smackdown
    More McMahon arguing
  7. Starts with orton = zzzz at one point punk comes to the ring or has a match and axel attacks, at that point DB helps out punk, and then BOOM lesnar
  8. Can't believe how bi-polar Heyman is though, lmao.
  9. After MITB all the matches had taken place and the winner of the smackdown ladder match was Damien sandow the raw ladder match winner was Randy Orton, John Cena def. Mark Henry, Aj left the ring still holding the Divas championship and the usous came up short of the tag-team titles
    Dolph Ziggler was defeated by ADR because Aj hit ADR with the Divas Title and Dolph Ziggler was disqualified, Curtis Axel defeated The Miz

    What are your reactions to what happened at MITB 2013. Leave your thoughts
  10. Nah I doubt we'll get a repeat of Orton / Cena, so I expect Orton to hold it for a while. As for Sandow, maybe he'll cash in on Ziggler to lose it.
  11. Merged threads. Relatively the same topic.
  12. Heyman/Punk followup, Ziggler/AJ followup, Rhodes/Sandow followup...

    And Sheamus off our TV selling injuries (legit or not) for a few months. :please:

  13. NO MENTION OF ORTON! :nogusta:

  14. Possibly the best thing Bob has ever done for us.
  15. Loved how the E let the miscarders take all riska but only the all star match had.injuries
  16. Funny you bring that up. I seriously deleted the Orton part of that post up there, but since you asked:

    Big Show said after the WWE Title match that "I'd cash in on Cena tomorrow night, he has to be really worn out after a match like that." Made me wonder if they were actually planning that. But seeing Cena's lack of competitors and the Orton win, can definitely see Orton cashing in tomorrow night and wins the belt so Cena has a compelling opponent.

    Ya happy now?

  17. I am. :emoji_slight_smile:)

    I would deffo want Randy turning heel THEN cash in the briefcase on Cena. Not later. ; - ;
  18. Rhodes Schollars break up and Rhodes starts working better. He gets a lot of wins, maybe an IC championship match with him defeating Axel. Then he keeps defeating a lot of guys, lose the IC title and gets the push to become the WWE or WH Champion. Orton will cut a promo and maybe starts acting like a heel and WWE finally turns him.
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  19. I don't understand the orton hate tbh he's one of the edgier baby faces in the roster, he's great in the ring.Yes he became a little boring because all the matches he does are pointless but his title feuds are always entertaining . so i believe it's time for orton to get back in the wwe title picture and who knows this could lead to a turn.
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  20. People are bored with him because he's had about one decent fued in the last year. His ring work is subjective I guess (like anybody's is), but I find him to be pretty average. He's one of these guys that needs to be facing a really awesome worker to have a match that interests me.
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