Now the Fandango hype has died down...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. What do you actually think of him? WWE thought they had a new Daniel Bryan when the fans creatively took over the RAW after Wrestlemania with the Fandango tune sing-a-long. WWE naturally tried to monetise the hell out of that so gave Fandango merchandise and lots of TV-time. Again, naturally, the crowd reactions died down as people just don't care about that any more. WWE were holding onto mainstream relevance so they pushed the fuck out of the chanting to try and make it relevant again, and that failed, so we're left with a normal Fandango again now.

    The IWC went insane and just marked like hell for the guy. What do you guys actually think of him now though?
  2. I still enjoy him. He's very entertaining to watch but I do agree the hype has died down quite a bit for him, and we can blame WWE for that.
  3. I marked for him one time during the feud with Jericho, but that was it. He is OK in the ring, but the gimmick is already just tedious to deal with at this point.
  4. The Fandango hype crowd wise died the night after RAW when the Smackdown crowd was dead. For me I never liked the gimmick, His in ring is good but that gimmick still annoys me, Props to the guy for making such a horrible gimmick good though.
  5. I like it oddly enough, the gimmick is so out there its fun plus Curtis is very good at working in the mannerisms.
  6. Never marked for him, never will. Still think the gimmick sucks. Curtis is an OK wrestler but the gimmick doesn't do anything for me.
  7. I still don't care for him. Although I see some humor in his dance gimmick and his overall metrosexuality, I'd rather see him spend more time wrestling than prancing around as a dancer. His mic work doesn't impress me either. If he gets more time to develop outside of the dance gimmick and become a more well-rounded character, then maybe I'll start to like him more.
  8. I like him. It's an entertaining gimmick that I like watching, nothing that'll push him to the top, but not everyone has to portray a character that is main event worthy. He's entertaining considering his position on the card.
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  9. I enjoyed him from the very beginning. Loved his trolling on how he wouldn't wrestle anybody if they didn't say his name right. He even got the IWC to hate him as well. I even remembered when his last words before falling to the mat was grabbing a mic and saying his name, that was priceless. His gimmick is humorous to me, I never expect him to see him in the main event though, even his wrestling skills aren't good enough to be main event worthy(even though he's better then Ryback), but we do need something to keep the midcard entertaining.
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  10. I like him. The gimmick is alright and Curtis plays it very very well.
  11. Still not that big of a fan of it, but will admit that he has this Ryder-esque lovableness coming from the sheer absurdity of the whole gimmick.
  12. Like it . We need more gimmicks and Curtis is a good talent.

  13. Pretty much this.

    Fandango's gimmick > > > > > > > > > > > > > typical babyface/coward heel
  14. I don't like him, I never liked him and I highly doubt my opinion on him will ever change. It has little to do with the gimmick though (which doesn't really do much for me, and I thought the booking at the beginning of his career was atrocious [that refusing to wrestle thing, no logical reason was put forward to why he was never reprimanded for it (that I'm aware of, correct me if I'm wrong) because logic dictates he'd be fired]) as I didn't like him when he was on NXT either. He does nothing for me on the mic and he is incredibly meh in the ring, aside from over-selling which isn't a selling point for me. I'll also throw out that I never cared for the crowd chanting his theme either, nor did I find any of his dancer girls attractive (not sure if he's still using the one he was when I last saw him wrestle, since I believe had changed a few times prior to me almost entirely ignoring WWE) so essentially he really hasn't provided me with any real enjoyment, even by association.
  15. It's a little bitter sweet. There were people that were actually saying his fandango would be more prominent than the :yes: then right after the :yes: picked up a new head of steam that hasn't been matched in years.

    Anyways, mid-carder for a few years with potential at WHC. Don't see much more than that for him, but i've been wrong before.
  16. :no: :no: :no: ITS FAN-DAN-JOE! :pipebomb:
  17. Why don't you like him?
  18. b/c he nothing but a remake of rico.
  19. That's it? Gimmicks are repeated in wrestling all the time lol.
  20. AND THAT THE FUCKIN PROABLM! No cratete to come up with there own shit!
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