Now we've had some time with Axel, was he right the choice?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. To be the newest Paul Heyman client? He's been on our screen for a while now and received a pretty massive push to start with, winning - via countout of course - against names like Cena & HHH. Was he the right choice to receive the Heyman backing? Would you have preferred it to be someone else?

    Vote in the poll and tell us why you chose that option, and if you chose no, tell us who you would have chosen to be his newest client.
  2. I'm on the edge here. I like him with Paul Heyman because he has the look, and I enjoy his in ring abilities. They may not be the best in ring skills of all time, or even today, but it's something new and fresh. Plus, putting him with Heyman helped his mic skills a bit more. At the same time, I wouldn't have mind it being someone else, like Ohno. Just to have him on the main roster, having a match or two with Punk since there's a war between Punk/Heyman, and because he's great on the mic and in ring(when motivated for both). Another alternative could have been Antonio Cesaro, although I think the controversy with adding a non American, but someone with American ideal stuff with Colter was a bit of a better idea.

    Overall, I don't think it was a bad choice, and don't mind it, but I feel that Curtis could do much more. I'm just 50/50 about it.
  3. Nope, he sucks. Everything about his character is dull. Crowds are completely indifferent towards him, he walks around grimacing and bores me to tears. Heyman should have got Cesaro and Axel should be a 'Real American'. That fits better: Cesaro winning titles while Axel jobs.
  4. I think so. Obviously he's not the most over guy and not the most skilled but eventually I believe he'll improve. It was right putting him with Heyman.
  5. I believe he's missed about 2 weeks of Raw now? Anyway, I've always been a fond admire in the guy. Sure, his mic skills are crappy, but that's when Heyman comes in to play.
    His ring skills are pretty good, just like nearly every Heyman guy. Back in NXT season 5, he had a few good set of matches with Tyson Kidd, which instantly made me his fan. So yeah, I think WWE are doing a good job with him at the moment.
  6. Yes, it's not his fault WWE forgot how to book the mid card. Bring back Pat Patterson!
  7. I say yes. I've always been a McGillicutty fan, remember loving his feud/matches with Kidd down on NXT. His mic skills aren't good but that's why they gave him Heyman and he's good in the ring. Plus he'll evolve with time. Not many people come to mind who could've fit that role. Ohno would be kind of a waste because his mic skills are very good. Cesaro would've been alright but they gave him Colter so no problem there (plus, he was already on the main roster full time and this sort of thing goes better for people who are never on TV).
  8. I have no problem with Curtis. But I do think I would have enjoyed Cesaro as the next Heyman guy more. Mainly due to the symbiosis that seems to be created when Paul manages a physical Juggernaut. And while Cesaro is not as gargantuan as Brock he sure is a physical specimen with his strength, power speed and skill. It would have been a very interesting partnership.
  9. It's really odd. The booking at first was... questionable, but in the end it turned out ok imo since it got us to stop saying "lolmcgillicutty", even if it did become "lolcountouts".
    Honestly don't know how much it has helped. Having Heyman out there makes him feel like a big deal, but once the bell rings people stop caring because people don't have a reason to care about Axel. Managers don't work.

    Imo his IC reign has gone well because of the history of his father, it makes the title feel important to him. But again you take the title away from Axel and it doesn't mean anything again. He is to the IC title that Heyman is to him.

    I like Axel alot as a talent as you guys know, but they have to do more with him than just the Heyman "easy heat" crutch.
  10. Meh. He is fine, but I would prefer Cesaro or my man Chris "Ohno I can't stop eating' Hero
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  11. He's a good pick as he lacks mic work but meh not a fan.
  12. Annoying thing is, he's not bad on the mic. He has a great intensity promo in him, as shown here:

    The 1 minute+ point is what I'm talking about. Great intensity and delivery there. Just seems to go for the Punk-like methodical promo at the moment, where he's calm and slow, and it just doesn't suit him.
  13. I believe him being the newest Paul Heyman guy was the right choice. Axel lacks the mic skills to really get any heat so that's where Heyman comes in. The one problem I had with it is there was no build up to his debut. It was just so random and out of the blue.
  14. He's alright to me. Though, like everyone else said, his mic skills aren't the greatest. His constant dropping of the p-bomb (perfection) is getting on my nerves though. It's like, I get it, you're Mr. Perfect's son, stfu already. He says it EVERY time he has the mic.

    I wouldn't have mind him or someone else, but I'm mostly worried about his massive, drastic push. Pushing someone that fast will have its backlash. I wouldn't have mind if they waited another year to make him win the IC title on Father's Day, just sayin'. He's cool tho.
  15. I still think it's too early to tell. He's only been around for a couple of months and he hasn't accomplished or done a whole lot given that short time period. Coming in as the third client of Paul Heyman gave the impression that he'd be pushed straight to the top (given the success of the other two guys he was sharing managerial services with) but he went from headlining consecutive Raws and defeating Triple H and John Cena via count out and teasing a full fledged feud with Triple H to winning the IC Title (which isn't what it used to be.) Since then, he's had a short feud with The Miz and teased playing a minor part in the Punk/Lesnar feud and that's it. He's won a few other matches but they were just ordinary TV matches. It also seems he doesn't quite get the same time on the mic that he used to.

    So, on one hand, I still think its a bit early to make huge judgments on whether WWE made the right choice or not. Maybe by the end of the year when he has half a year of being with Heyman and more than just one short IC Title feud under his belt. On the other hand, the fact that WWE canceled the feud with HHH says something about their confidence in him as a main event player. I'd bet anything he was the guy that Vince told Michaels he "didn't see money in."

    I'll just vote the third choice of "I'm Really Not Sure Yet."

  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Would have preferred someone more better. He'd a bitt-kisser.
  18. No Joe Hennig should never of been chosen

    RVD should of been the third Paul Heyman guy as he is the true Paul Heyman guy
  19. Wtf is your sign?
  20. I don't like him tbh. I'd hate to be negative, but I think he'll be the first Paul Heyman Guy to flop
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