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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. Using this thread to discuss the metal genre that combines alt rock, hip hop and rap with metal to make a new sound "new metal" or "en you metal" as I like to clarify it as. Now of course many fans of regular heavy metal call this a kid metal genre as I heard but I am a big fan of it as I am a fan of regular heavy metal.

    Bands include:
    Korn (the pioneers)
    Linkin Park (first 2 albums)
    Disturbed (1st album)
    Trapt (1st album, actually kinda only Headstrong)
    Drowning Pool (1st album)
    Coal Chamber
    Limp Bizkit
    System of a Down
    Papa Roach (first 2 albums)
    Taproot (some stuff)
    Chevelle (some of their stuff)
    Staind (Torment, Dysfunction, Break the Cycle and self titled)
    Hoobastank (early stuff)
    Cane Hill (new band, check em out)
    Powerman 5000 (most work)
    Of Mice & Men (3rd album onwards)
    and lots of other bands

    Rage Against the Machine is not considered Nu Metal, it's Rap Metal, I highly reccomend this band called Cane Hill, they can possibly start of second wave of Nu Metal with their upcoming album "Smile".
  2. Not really into this genre, used to like a few bands when I was younger but quickly grew out of them. SOAD and Static X aren't bad though.
  3. Nah nah NAH.
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  4. I like Coal Chamber, SOAD, Static-X, some songs from Slipknot's self titled and Iowa, Deftones, and Dope's first album.

    Used to be one of the elitist metalheads as a teenager and absolutely hated nu-metal besides the stuff I listed, but anymore I don't care. I'm not going to bash anyone for their tastes.
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  5. Early LP was dope.
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  6. Early Deftones(White Pony, B-Sides & Rarities, and Diamond Eyes to an exent), SOAD, and old Slipknot are about where I'd draw the line.
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  7. Actually, I kinda like Slayer's Diabolus In Musica. It's very Nu-Metal-ish but still pretty dark sounding.

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  8. I like some later Deftones, but they're never going to make anything better than their first couple of albums. I loved Diamond Eyes though, and Koi No Yokan had some good songs too. I don't like Gore all that much though, and apparently Stephen Carpenter doesn't either.
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  9. Idk if Breaking Benjamin or Three Days Grace fit into this group but yeah >>>

    What about 30 Seconds to Mars?

    I'm really not sure what is considered to "have rap" unless it is obvious like Mike in LP or Limp Dipshi--- lolol

  10. Still listen to this song quite a bit. Maynard<33
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  11. sadly not, well Thirty Seconds to Mars doesn't anyway, 3DG and BB i'd put them as some influences from Nu Metal
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  12. Deftones were cool.
  13. ^Indeed.

    This album was good, but the new one is pretty meh IMO. Listened to it once and have no real motivation to listen to it again.
  14. Also slightly off topic so forgive me, but @C.M. Shaddix do you like deathcore? Usually isn't a far stretch for nu-metal fans to also be into deathcore.

    If so (or anyone else who might be) would really love some bands that sound like old Whitechapel. I'm not much of a deathcore fan at all, but I really dig Whitechapel's early stuff. Not a fan of their new stuff or any of the bands that basically copied Suicide Silence, I don't like them.
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  15. I love Deathcore, Whitechapel is a great band and I'm finding their new record really interesting with the cleans. Suicide Silence I like, their style has gotten a lot more than generic over he years. Chelsea Grin, Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, early Bring Me the Horizon and Make Them Suffer are also really good bands
  16. I know and like Born of Osiris, as well as a few Veil of Maya songs. Hadn't heard much of Chelsea Grin other than their early stuff which I wasn't that into. Wasn't much of a BMTH fan, haven't heard of Make Them Suffer, I'll check that out. I do like Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex has some good songs and I'm really into Black Tongue as well. I don't like tons of deathcore but the stuff I do like I think is really, really good.

    Venturing back into nu-metal, I've never been a huge fan of the band, but I do really like certain Otep songs.


  17. Figured I'd show this thread some love.
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