Nujabes fans?

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  1. I've recently been reacquainted with my buddy insomnia as of late, so as a result, I've had some spare time in the AM hours. I've been on what I like to call "Nujabinges" due to this and so I'm wondering, are there any Nujabes fans on this forum?

    If you've never heard of him and you're a fan of hearing, you should set aside a nice hour and a half to listen to this full album.

    It's not a studio release, so you'll have to go hunting for the individual songs, DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

    Nujabes is/was a phenomenal composer and I am truly thankful for his time on this planet.

    R.I.P Nujabes.
  2. He did a lot of the music for Samurai Champloo, though I don't think he did any of the tracks I actually care to listen to on it's own, rather than enjoy solely as supplemental material to the show itself. Hell, the opening track in the video you posted is actually the ending theme to Samurai Champloo (which is much better than I recall). Skimming through this real quickly, I'm actually recognizing several of these tracks from Samurai Champloo. Most notably, Mystline (it starts about 21:24 seconds in). Actually one of my favorites from the series so I guess I have to take back what I previously said in this post.
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