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NWA Powerrr returned with Episode 3 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It featured Eddie Kingston and Homicide looking for revenge, Eli Drake being a star, Tim Storm deciding about his wrestling future, more silence from Camille, mysterious white powder, and super weird commercials.

Before we begin, two notes. NWA posted the full fight for Nick Aldis v Cody Rhodes 2 from NWA 70 (here). Aron Stevens had a cameo on Magnum P.I. (here).

Journalist Joe Galli

Joe Galli had a message for NWA viewers. It is his job to ask the tough questions. Hammering Camille has been deemed confrontational. Producers have asked Galli not to ask NWA World Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis about Camille’s right to speak. There will be an interview on this episode only talking about Aldis’ next challenger for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Eddie Kingston wants to fight

Eddie Kingston interrupted the introduction from Jim Cornette and Joe Galli. He was upset about the Dawsons crashing his tag team title opportunity last week with Homicide against the Wild Cards. The NWA did not take his team’s title shot away due to the interference.

Kingston and Homicide want the Dawsons in the ring. The Dawsons are lucky they didn’t meet in the parking lot. Kingston wants the Dawsons now, next week, next month, in Cornette’s house. He doesn’t care. “I have nothing to live for. All I have is wrestling. Homicide, all he has is wrestling, so guess what we’re going to do to you if we don’t care about ourselves.”

Marti Belle vs Crystal Rose

This was a showcase bout for Marti Belle. Belle was more athletic, but Crystal Rose was more rugged. Rose took advantage of Belle’s mistakes early. Belle elbowed her way out of a fireman’s carry position then delivered clotheslines, a spinning forearm blow, a running clothesline in the corner, a running hip to the face in the corner, and a Pearl River Plunge to win.

First win of many to come #NWAPowerrr @nwa

— Marti Belle (@MartiBelle) October 22, 2019
Dawsons want to throw their weight around

The Dawsons were interviewed by Dave Marquez. They disrupted the Wild Cards vs Eddie Kingston & Homicide last week, because things happen for a reason. Everyone throws their weight around, so it is time for the Dawsons to do the same. They will fight anyone in the back, except for Kingston & Homicide.

A video package played for Thunder Rosa. It was a drum beat and speedy camera angle changes while she applied her face paint.

Tropical Pirates

Aron Stevens (aka Damien Sandow) came out to be interviewed, instead of Tim Storm. The ‘no eye contact’ rule was still in effect. Joe Galli shielded his eyes and looked away while asking questions. Stevens was dressed in a swashbuckler outfit. He was there to promote his newest project, “Tropical Pirates,” available on Blu-ray, DVD, and exclusively in Romania on VHS. Stevens brought a clip.

Stevens closed by saying, “When it comes to acting, I have more chops than Ric Flair.”

Caleb Konley vs Dan “D-Man” Parker

This was a showcase bout for Caleb Konley. D-Man had a stringbean physique and talked smack in support of Canadians. Highlights include a low sweep kick and a jumping senton by Konley. For the finish, Konley connected on a spinning back fist, a slam, then a twisting jump into a springboard moonsault to win.

Tim Storm’s wrestling future

Tim Storm came out for an interview to address the stipulation of not getting another opportunity at Nick Aldis’ title since he lost. Storm put over Aldis as a champion’s champion. Aldis helped increase the reputation of both Storm himself and the NWA. Storm has no regrets. He took his shot and it didn’t work out. No excuses. Storm has hard decisions to make about the future of his wrestling career.

Eli Drake entered the scene to talk Storm back into the ring as his tag team partner against the Dawsons. Drake referenced Mama Storm being worried about her son getting injured but she’s probably more worried about her son giving up. Drake pointed out that Storm’s name as NWA champion is on the list with the greats. The ride doesn’t have to be over for Storm. Ten Pounds of Gold may not be in his future, but the tag titles could be. Storm had been perking up to Drake’s pep talk, then Storm no sold it by saying he would think about it.

Spiritual Advisor commercial

This is something better left for you to watch for yourself.

Promotional Consideration Paid For By The Following

Spiritual Advisor Invisible Hair Cream#NWAPowerrr - NWA Powerrrr | Episode 3 | Twilight of Tim Storm (2019)

— NWA (@nwa) October 22, 2019
Jocephus public apology

Jocephus requested to make a public apology to James Storm for their brawl two weeks ago. Colt Cabana came out instead. Jocephus had gifts in a black bag as Cabana pretended to be Storm. First, a cowboy hat. Second, a beer bottle. Jocephus shook Cabana’s hand. As Cabana turned to leave, Jocephus kept his grip to offer one more gift. Jocephus went into his bag... to throw white powder into Cabana’s face.

James Storm came down to the ring to superkick Jocephus. Storm was sizing up the blinded Cabana for a superkick, but Ken Anderson was there to pull Cabana to safety.

Camille chooses not to speak

Joe Galli interviewed Nick Aldis and Camille. The chat began with the topic of the next contender for Aldis and the Ten Pounds of Gold. There are a lot of names in the back that qualify, but none has moved to the front of the pack. If nobody steps up, Aldis will have to look outside for a challenger.

Galli then pestered Aldis about Camille not speaking. Aldis allowed Galli to ask Camille a question. It was the same question as last week about her motivation to be Aldis’ insurance policy. Camille once again stayed silent by her own choice. Aldis’ chimed in, “She doesn’t speak because she doesn’t feel like speaking. And when she feels like speaking, you’ll be the first to know.”

Who is the ? mark?

A video played to promote the ? mark. This is another one best seen with your own eyes.


— Question Mark (@QuestiontheNWA) October 22, 2019
Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs The Dawsons

Main event time. Eli Drake entered first to tease the uncertainty of Tim Storm joining him. Storm did indeed come to the ring to be Drake’s partner.

Drake and Storm were in charge for much of the bout. Drake hit a flying clothesline, spinning neckbreaker, and escaped a vertical suplex to transition into a neckbreaker. Tag to Storm, who maintained control with elbows, boots, and a neckbreaker. Back to Drake for a flying bulldog. Quick tags resumed with clobbering blows. The Dawsons eventually worked Storm over and kept him in their corner. Storm clapped ears to break free for the hot tag. Drake hit a Russian leg sweep.

In the end, the good guys attempted a teamwork Irish whip, but Zane Dawson moved and Drake went through the ropes into the ring post. The Dawsons double-teamed Storm for their sandwich slam finisher.

SHOCKER! The Dawsons defeat a former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion#NWAPowerrrNWA Powerrrr | Episode 3 | Twilight of Tim Storm (2019)

— NWA (@nwa) October 22, 2019
After the match, the Dawsons pounded Storm’s kidneys until Eddie Kingston and Homicide chased them off. Nick Aldis came down to check on Storm. It appeared that Aldis gave a glare to Drake.

NWA Powerrr is still an enjoyable product after three episodes of studio wrestling. Episode 3 was a little light on in-ring action, but the stories were interesting. We were treated to an intriguing main event set-up, the always despicable ‘white powder to the face’ cheapshot, and some very weird commercials.

The build to the main event match was mighty fine with so many moving pieces involved. There was Eddie Kingston and Homicide looking for payback, the Dawsons out to make a point, the uncertainty of Tim Storm’s future, and Eli Drake trying to entice Storm back into the ring. All those stories were weaved together cohesively to make me invested in the outcomes.

Out of those aspects, the drama with Tim Storm was most engaging. Aging athlete stories will always garner my interest. Eli Drake laid down an enticing argument for Storm to accept. It resulted in Storm losing the match and possibly suffering a kidney injury. That is the type of scenario that would cause an aging veteran to hang up the boots. The potential injury related back to the Mama argument Drake used to coax Storm to be his partner. There was also the glare from Aldis to Drake to add more layers. I’m all in on this one.

I haven’t seen a lot of Eli Drake before. He was very impressive in the ring. Drake moved at a pace head and shoulders above the others. He was fluid and crisp. Drake has already proven to be charismatic on the mic. He seems like a complete package.

That Jocephus is one tricky son of a gun. I can’t say Colt Cabana didn’t deserve to be sprinkled with donut dust. He was butting his head in where it didn’t belong. Serves him right. I enjoyed the little touch of Ken Anderson saving Cabana from James Storm. Simple things like being a real friend will make me want to cheer Mr. Anderson.

One negative was the lack of promos for Marti Belle and Caleb Konley. Not having a promo isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself. My issue is that it was Belle’s debut on Powerrr and Konley’s first win on Powerrr. It would have been nice to learn about them and provide a reason to root for them in the future. I sort of feel like if NWA doesn’t care much about them, then why should I?

Last week, I mentioned my dissatisfaction with comments from the peanut gallery in attendance. I may have to walk that back, for now. The fans and Aron Stevens provided a humorous interaction at being called Captain Morgan.

Icing on the cake was Stevens lifting his leg for the Captain Morgan pose.

I also discussed the face/heel alignments last week. One thing is for sure, in my mind. Joe Galli is a jerkwad.

My persistence will pay off. I promise you that. #NWAPowerrr

— Joe Galli (@JoeGalliNews) October 22, 2019
I enjoyed Camille making Galli look like a chump after persisting with disruptive questioning toward the champ. Nick Aldis and Camille deserve more respect from that pencil-neck geek. It will be interesting to see where NWA takes this storyline. Camille not speaking seems like a non-issue to me. Aldis clearly explained the deal, so I have zero idea where this is all leading. Kudos to NWA for creating a curious tale.

Last but not least, what was up with those weird commercials/videos? I have no clue what I saw. They were off the deep end. One lady was trying to sell invisible hair cream, and the other video was muttering something about steel with volcanoes and eagles. It was so out there that I can’t formulate any hypotheses. I may need to start drinking while watching future episodes.

How do you rate Episode 3 of NWA Powerrr? Will Tim Storm still have one last hurrah? What is your opinion on Eli Drake as a performer? What do you think will be the story payoff for Camille not speaking?

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