NWA title vacated

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Oct 28, 2012.

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  2. I'm a credible champion. :tough:
  3. But I thought Frank the Jock had it? :sad:
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  4. This is some wierd shit going on in NWA. Seven matches and nobody won? C'mon. :hogan:
  5. even though I said I was new to the indie scene before, on a different thread, I forgot to mention, I do like and watch nwa hollywood and have been watching this whole fued. since adam said he was leaving nwa, I wonder what is next for him? He is a great wrestler. I heard somewhere he is retiring due to a bad neck. but if that rumor, isn't true, I wonder if he will be wwe or tna bound?
  6. Sounds very odd. Colt should be the champion then, having to go through all those matches for nothing is unfair. Hope they get their shit together, stuff like that really shouldn't happen.

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  8. Damn that sounded intense...wonder what's next for NWA after that....they really should get a new championship design though before moving forward...or at least trying to...
  9. I really don't know what was the point of this? Awareness of NWA and controversy? I doubt it's working.

    NWA is the father company of both WWE and TNA, the oldest company in the world, but that's the past. NWA isn't relevant for 20 yrs now (TNA 2002-2007 not included since it was all TNA).
  10. Yeah A bit of what Colt says in his promo is true. NWA is so much backwards thinking and working backwards. It will never rise to prominence again
  11. I think NWA could rise again if it knew how to work properly. If instead they would stop working like the past, and start thinking of everything as of now of time it would be better. A new championship to finally put that one to rest, even more rookie wrestlers to build up your own rosters, more up to date style of rivalries, and if they aren't using it, then use media such as Twitter and Youtube. They also need heavy advertisements and such. I wouldn't want to see NWA go because of shit decisions in the back, it has great history and one of the oldest wrestling promotions, if not the oldest, that's still around and I wouldn't want to see it die. The owners and everybody need to start thinking about the future and present, not the past, that's one of the first steps from resurrecting it.
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  12. ^I agree, but I think their budget is tight for that.
  13. Then start off with media, Twitter and Youtube is easy to advertise on, and ask the wrestlers to help too, if they had Colt Cabana he would be a great person to use with media. While they're working on that they just need to improve the booking, don't have to jump into the prices yet, and getting rookies is cheaper then getting experienced wrestlers. Plus I'm sure the advertisement can work, it's still NWA and that name alone can catch people's attentions quickly since it's an old company that I'm sure people thought was dead. They need to advertise locally when they can also, nothing extreme just signs and flyers all over the place for starters. With advertisements and improved booking it'll be no time where they could get a solid fan base if they keep up the good work, then it's only a matter of time when they can get more money to start changing belts, travel more, etc.
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