nWo considering one more addition

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  1. This part is simple. Crayo :gtfo:

    Explain why you want to join the team, and be ready to accept hated/joking/trolling from the team, as douche baggery is what we are known (at least a couple of us) for.

    If you just send me a join request, i will send you a pm with only :finger: because that shit is annoying as all hell. We dont do best of voting, so one vote does take the whole deal out entirely.
  2. I wish to join NWO. I want to know what it's like in your secret forum and it kills me not being able to know. Please let me witness it. Also the group is filled with the best posters.

    I have what it takes. Not only am I a gigantic faggot, but I have a ridiculously small dick. I am very vulnerable to even the slightest criticism and hatred and will often break down in tears upon receiving said feedback.

    Can I join? :willis:
  3. The first half was completely serious I actually want to join :cry:
  4. I am reserving this post till my laptop is fixed. Haters :gtfo:
  5. It's come and go. If another poster posts a good application and you edit your post after you post it guess what? :otunga:
  6. I would like to join nWo simply because all of the current members are awesome. Also, come to think of it, half of the nWo is in my fav 5 list as well if thst matters any. I personally would like to be able to discuss certain topics and matters, a long side the rest of nWo. Plus, the subforum is probably where all the magic happens. :otunga:

    I don't personally mind any trolling, hell.. anyone that knows me on this forum, knows I troll the hell out of Crayo, and just in general even. God knows I can troll Crayo in just about any topic of the matter. With that being said, I hope all of nWo can come to a unanimous agreement to let me into the group. (I promise I won't steal Scott Hall from Aids).
  7. ^ If a healthy dose of dicksucking is what it takes to get into NWO, then I withdraw. :pity:

    Also, you don't troll Crayo you're just too dumb to realize you're wrong. :true:
  8. Thought you said you were a faggot? You should enjoy healthy doses of dick sucking... unless of course... you lied in your application to join nWo? If that's the case, I pity you young grasshopper. :pity:
  9. Maybe you should read. :pity:
  10. I'm chill bro. I'm just trying my best not to bust a gut at this fool :dawg:
  11. You're gonna bust a nut on me?

    Just how I like it. :willis:
  12. Both you, :gtfo:
  13. I want in. You guys seem like the coolkids around here, and as the trend following fag I am I must join. I also think your userbar is pimpin'

    I want in because the group has all my fav members in. Farooq for his beast music taste, D'sZ for his hilarious assholeness, Wacokid for his hilarious but serious posts, GrammarNazi for being a girl high quality member, and Aids because why the hell not?

    Oh and, I seriously do think the user bar is sexy.

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    Please let me in I beg of you ;_;
  14. i will join because you love me
  15. Re: RE: nWo considering one more addition

  16. I want to join nWo, even tho I don't like wrestling much anymore. This is because they contain the best forumers in the world. I'll sacrifice stuff to join.
  17. Its true
  18. We're hated by the New World Order. :haha:
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