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  1. Apply here for membership in the most exclusive club here in the WWEF universe, the nWo. We are open to two new members, but require HQ posters and most likely high award winners. I have been gone a couple weeks now and have seen groups expanding, even Randy's group, team pipebomb has expanded to include some HQ members. Dont ask to join without posting here first, and still include reasons why when posting the group addition link. We will have an awards, new emblem, and our own forum in the next day or two. Post here to join up with Myself, Hollywood D'Z, Rain, Testify, and Grammarnazi. Welcome to the option of being a part of greatness....as far as this forum goes.:haha:
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  2. I'm interested. :emoji_wink:)

    I think I should join in nWo because I'm an active forum member who knows when to be serious and when not to be serious. GrammarNazi can attest to that! :emoji_grinning:
  3. who were you before potts, and you have to leave the other groups if you join. LMK if youre still interested.
  4. wwerulesrkolover23, and I'm willing to.
  5. ahh. Have to run it by the group. Waiting 3 days (72 hours) from thread start to vote.
  6. I'd like to apply

    hq poster, fed-x writer, couldbestaff, tna fan etc
  7. I wanna join, because i'm a VERY active forum member and could have long discussions about shows, RAW/TNA and join in on the live discussion threads.
  8. I'm an Eevee motha fucka, I'll be tackling everybody, using quick attack to steal shit, sand attack to kick sand into people's eyes, and hyper beam on those douche bags who fuck with me.
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  9. No pokeshit, and serious inquiries only.
  10. :okay:

    I'm a active member, high quality, and is a legend. Also great with musical stuff and ECW related.
  11. My Sis. Big heart and I hope she's considered.

    Great forumer. I think he'll be stafff, too

    If Eevee is applying, it will be sad to see him leave Pipebomb but I support him and wish him the best.

    These are just my opinions. I hold no power here.
  12. ^missing your app here. :haha:
  13. I can't apply, It would be wrong for me to abandon my team. I've never jumped groups and I won't start. Grammar, Aids, Testify, Rain, Dolph's I love all of you much.
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