NXT 03-07-2013

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy0t37_by-rulez-t-x-n-2013-03-07-pt1-1_sport#.UTidZ1dZMnI[/video]

    Bo Dallas new theme sounds like R-Kelly's sheets smell.
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  2. Anyone got a match card, ideally none spoiler.
  3. Adrian Neville (PAC) vs Judas Devlin and Scott something (I forgot his surname)
    Leo Kruger vs Yoshi Tatsu
    Sasha Banks and the funkadactyls vs Aksana, Alicia Fox and Audrey Marie
    Corey Graves vs Bo Dallas vs Conor O'Brien for number 1 contender ship.

    Also featuring a bunch of backstage story build and some promos.
  4. Thank you Stopspot. Gonna get this d/led... d/l'ed... Screw it, downloaded asap.
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  5. I'll probably skip around this episode when I'm bored.
  6. There's nothing worth skipping to be honest. Everything is good quality this week.
  7. :obama: if I get bored you best be prepared :bury:
  8. Good ep. Third show in a row stolen by Conor O'Brien, that guy is a star.
  9. I think he needs more time to become used to working singles matches again. It seems obvious to me that he is used to working in a tag team.
  10. That's true, he needs to work on his ringwork some, but he's doing a phenomenal job out there getting over. It's really hard not to pull for Graves in his matches, even though Graves is a despicable character. O'Brien just plays this intense character so well...

    Speaking of Graves, he needs a new finisher. 13th Step is cool but it doesn't really work for the "Staydown Superstar".
  11. Graves could do with an impact finisher indeed.
    Speaking of Corey. Am I the only seeing doors open to turn him face after these two weeks? Shield cost him the match this week and Bray did it this week and I think his overall attitude and gimmick would work better as an anti-establishment babyface.
  12. Also nice to see McGuinness old London Dungeon finisher in use. You might like seeing that @seabs
  13. Wait wut?
  14. Kruger is using a variant of Nigel McGuinness old finisher as his new finisher.
  15. In.
  16. The highlight of the show for me this week was Leo Kruger vs Yoshi and the main event. Kruger has stepped up his game big time. Incorporating his gimmick into the way he moves, looks at people and just acts in general as well as in his ring work. This results in something I think is pretty darn great. The fact that he has some new moves which fit him very well only sweetens the deal.

    Like this.

    And this.

    Add to that that he uses Nigel McGuinness old finisher and I am sold on Kruger. He should be called up some time in the summer in my opinion.

    The main event was good. Conor shined as a big guy and got over. Graves is over already and worked really well in this match, somehow playing an underdog despite being a heel. And Bo is Bo so that's all I am saying about him. Wyatt getting involved was nice as well. I also see the possibility of Graves turning face soon to counter the seemingly big heel push O'Brien is getting, which I think will benefit him. His build and style in the ring suites a face more, just get him a impact finisher.
  17. A feud between Wyatt and Dallas apparently starting (or continuing?) is very good.
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