NXT 04-04-2013 - Back to the way things should be

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Another week. Another NXT from drmasti.

    We're back to having the goold old NXT again this week. Commentary is Dawson and Maddox with Ohno for half the show.

  2. Big E Langston retained, don't know why WWE wants him to still competing at NXT as champion if most of the times is making the role of Ziggler's bodyguard
  3. Long review time:

    Show Spoiler

    -Dawson's improved on commentary, he didn't oversell everything and did a fine job of straight play-by-play. Wonder how well he'll get angles over, but should do a great job replacing Michael Cole. And with Maddox bumbling like an idiot through the whole show we got a nice view on how he'll mesh with Lawler.

    -So, with Oliver Grey being injured for 6 months, what's going to happen to the NXT Tag Belts? It's little things like that that can bury a championship, just saying. Are we getting Bo Dallas instead now? Makes sense, but not an upgrade. That guy's moveset still comes off as awkward, and that finish is hilariously weak. You suck Bo.

    -I'm more impressed with the Wyatt Family every week. They do the little parts of their gimmick so well and come off as more athletic every time I see them. Can't see this schtick working on Raw though.

    -OHNO AND REGAL NEXT WEEK! :yay: Yes, please!

    -The entire "NXT Universe" had a fun time fast forwarding through the Cena/Rock promos. The crowd already dropped a giant deuce on them on Raw, so you just had to replay them, didn't you. Although your lack of post-editing made me lol, fully expected canned pop over the boring chants.

    -AJ Lee and Lita vs Mickie and Maryse was fine. Told a nice story, but it didn't have much time to build excitement. The few moves we've seen from Sasha always impress, and how is Paige so over? I'd love to be optimistic about the Divas division, but we all know once these girls hit Raw the crowd won't give two shits.

    -Paige's finisher is pathetic though, what happened to the Cradle DDT? Feuds continue, okay. Love how they're letting us cheer accomplished indy stars Brittany Knight and Mercedes KV over a lingerie football player and a longtime Diva. NXT Divas > TNA Knockouts.

    - I was looking forward to seeing Undertaker vs Ezekiel Jackson in the main event, but the match wasn't as good as the last one. Felt rushed. The 5-Count is so damn over, love how they've reacted to that by turning Big E face and sticking the #5 to everything he does lmao. But why did Big E retain? Conor was the perfect guy to take the belt off Langston, been hearing Graves but... no. Just no. Don't really know how the taping schedule works, but I doubt they want to have a tag champ having to come back to Florida to tape TV. Potential Wrestlemania spoiler, will Dolph have to eat a pin? :upset:

    Nice episode, thanks for sharing Spotstopper! (You aren't actually DrMasti, are you?)
  4. I honestly am not. I am just giving credit where credit is due since I don't upload myself.
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  5. Hero on commentary :yay: only Bo could kill that boner. Oh hi Bray its back. Rocking chair <3
  6. Big boot by Harper the sexy beast :gusta: must've seen this ad a billion times I don't give a fuck about h brock
  7. Absolute solid episode of NXT. Title is right, it's getting back to its old ways. I have no idea why WWE persist in showing so many recaps through NXT, because the people who are watching it will definitely be the people buying Wrestlemania lol. Anyway, Regal/Ohno next week will have me changing my boxers through the show, and Bray Wyatt tonight done the same thing. The guy is awesome, and the family thing works so well. I'm unsure if it'd work so well on RAW though; can't get over how different the NXT crowd is to the RAW crowd tbh.

    I don't see the logic in Big E retaining personally, because Connor works that heel role quite well and he is a great star to hold the belt.
  8. The one thing Conor needs to work on is his promo. That promo was not good. Too slow and plodding.
  9. This 5 shit is annoying, Big E in general is annoying. Also how dope is Maddox?
  10. Maddox is a commentary king. I can see him as the future color commentary man with Dawson as his straight man so to speak. They mix well.
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  11. Great show except for the time taken by packages for WM (yeah, we watch NXT and have NO IDEA WM is taking place). Really looking forward to Regal/Ohno.
  12. Regal/Ohno is reminding me of the Regal/Ambrose feud from FCW.
  13. Yep. Expecting Regal to win the first one.
  14. They're rehashing the entire concept. Regal said multiple times on commentary and promos that Ohno reminded him of his own villanous days. Then Ohno cut a promo saying he looked up to Regal before coming to the WWE. Then he got there and saw the pathetic old man he has become and pities him. Not sure if it will end the same way though but one can clearly see the similarities.
  15. Agreed, I love how when Big E hulked (biggied?) up he was shouting for Connor to hit him like i would.
  16. I'm thinking of a way for them to end this with Kassius turning face. Any ideas?
  17. They have a match some random heel attacks Willie after and Ohno runs in to save him, saying Regal earned his respect. Then we Get regal managing Ohno to feud with Bryan after the Daniel Bryan challenge.
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  18. Sounds great. :obama:
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