NXT 07-17-2013 - Woos, Boos & a tease of a Breeze

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  1. http://pwnews.org/cgi-bin/protect.cgi?File=LobItxu6.html

    Here's this weeks NXT. Discuss. I'll post my more detailed thoughts once we've had some posts in here.

    This is a really good episode. Real good opener match and a really good main event. Solid divas bout and typical Bo.

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  2. Looking forward to watching it tonight either just before or right after TNA, depending on how things go. Thanks for posting!
  3. Always the high point of my Thursday (since I normally don't watch IW live), watched it earlier today. Opening match was good, curious about the debut, Flair was great, ME was also very good. Good episode.
  4. Completely forgot about this with the Destination X hype :upset: Gotta try to get this in.
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  5. Fuck yea.
    Show Spoiler
    So glad Graves and Neville won the tag belts.
    Charlotte looked pretty solid as well, had a nice finisher to it. "THANK YOU KRUGER"

  6. :ksi:

    My plan right now is to try to watch this after Impact.
  7. Dammit, Nazi! :lol1:
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  8. :lol1: I have NO idea what you're talking about!
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  9. Such a good episode. I'm marking for Charlotte (don't even care about the slight flab, lol). Charlotte's Web looked pretty freakin' awesome.

    So glad graves and neville won too. So deserved!

    So pumped up for Paige vs. Emma next week. I'm surprised at the lack of promo/backstage footage about it. Maybe the fact that they're both faces it makes it awkward :hmm: Hoping Emma is the star of the match at least!
  10. Before I get on with my thoughts, some Bayley:

    So yeah this was a really good episode.

    The opening match set a great pace with Kruger vs Zayn vs Cesaro. Three men who worked really really well together. Cesaro was the MVP here, putting both guys over. Just a great and enjoyable match.

    Dallas vs Dawson was a typical Dallas squash. Dallas keeps being a more fine tuned version of Wes Brisco, just horrible. Horrible offense and character. Kruger beating Dallas to death and rubbing his face on the title like a cat was a great and enjoyable moment though.

    Charlotte was fun to watch. She needs more of a character but that will come I guess. Also Bayley is just adorable. Apologizing to Flair after hitting her daughter was a nice touch to her cutiepie character. Also
    Okay enough of that.

    Tyler Breeze is going to be dope. I liked Dalton's older work, great ring worker and according to the house show reports he has taken to his new character like Husky to Bray and run with it and made it really enjoyable. This ought to be good.

    The tag match was good. All guys playing their roles well. Could have done without Sheamus but oh well. Nice to see a new set of champions which will give us exciting matches.
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  11. Never thought I would see the day where a women has a better ass than Paige.
  12. Tyler Breeze? Fucking hell, and I thought Joey Splashwater was bad. I liked Dalton in NXT, but that promo made me cringe hard. Even with a questionable gimmick (so far), Dalton had some dope matches in FCW and could have only improved so I'll be looking forward to seeing him wrestle again.
  13. People who attended the live tapings described him as Young bucks meets a little HBK and a little Rick the model martel with some John Morrison thrown in for good measure.
  14. I noticed Bayley's ass too. So glad they made it more noticeable compared to her old black attire. I loved the way she kept apologizing to Ric Flair every time she hit Charlotte, LOL. Loving the new gimmick, though sometimes her "excitedness" comes across as nervousness. Still love it, though.

    A Charlotte vs. Summer Rae match might be a really awesome thing to see as well.

  15. Shawn Michaels? You've gotta be shitting me, that's too far haha. Fuck the Bucks and Morrison. Anyways, the gimmick doesn't really catch me, but I know that he can go in ring so I'm happy.
  16. I think you are mixing up in ring with character comparison. The reports I have read say he has a bit of the old 80's-90's HBK attitude to his character.

    All I know is I'm stoked. The more characters the better.
  17. Who's more gay, Fandango or Tyler Breeze... hmm... :hmm:

  18. Any comparison between Shawn Michaels and what I seen from him is just wrong. At least he has given himself a flare, it's great to see the new guys coming up with these new gimmicks.
  19. Why Breeze is MMMGorgeous, that's even his twitter handle :otunga:
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  20. Ahahaha, that's great. I don't remember the NXT spoiler thread, but when is he due to have a match? Next week? :hmm:
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