NXT 09-04-13. Swagger is grossly underrated

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Good episode IMO

    Match 1: Two ex-main roster Divas (I guess) vs Charlotte *Cough* "Flair's daughter "*Cough* and Bayley? Meh, nice to see the divas in action as always though. Speaking of the Divas, I'm not sure what Summer Rae is up to but I still like it. Damn she looked good in that dress. :mog: Annnd then the camera pans up to her face. Just kidding. :ksi:

    Match 2: Good match for Corey Graves. I'm not all that familiar with him. Gotta love when your tag team partner is actually helpful.
    Match 3: Damn Rusev is impressing me. The breaking a board thing is still lame IMO, but I like his style.
    Match 4: THE REASON to watch this episode. Damn is Sami Zayn entertaining. Not to say that Jack Swagger was not (Stopspot), but Sami's moves are so fun to watch. The flip back into the ring when he noticed Swagger moved outside the ring? Genius! Even if what was scripted or whatever. And the top rope powerbomb on Swagger? Damn that looked awesome. But Swagger had his moments too. I could of sworn the ref slowed his hand down on that 3 count after the Swaggerbomb (I think that was it). As in, the match was not supposed to end yet so I thought maybe that Swaggerbomb hurt a little more than it was supposed to. All I can say in the end is.....NO MORE BO!
  2. Just watched the episode, and lets just say I am impressed at the talent :emoji_slight_smile: Sami Zayn vs Swagger was the best match by far, followed close by Corey Graves vs Rick Victor.
    Hopefully some of these guys are used in the main roster soon or at least used in house shows.
  3. Sami Zayn = What Sin Cara needs to be.
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  4. That main event... oh my goodness... :robbie:
    The flipback thing! The false finishes! The non-stop action! The awakening of dead crowds! The spinning powerbomb! The clash in styles! The gutwrench!

    Wait, did anything else happen on this show? Can't remember. :haha:
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  5. Swagger does get a lot of hate for some reason, he is a very good worker. Crowd were slightly over the top during the match though.
  6. Was a nice episode. Awesome ME, will be nice to see Zayn winning the belt from Bo. Always good to see Ryan tap out as well.
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