NXT 1/15 Taping Recap & Review

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. Being a pretty big NXT fan I decided to do a personal recap & review for what I thought was one of the better episodes the show has taped in awhile.

    Match 1:
    Neville v. Breeze - Winner = Neville w/ High-Flying Tactics
    Overall this match was pretty good, I didn't really find anything wrong with it. Both wrestlers put up a good match and Neville used his high flying capabilities to come away with a win in a decently timed match.

    Match 2:
    CJ Parker v. Jason Jordon - Winner = CJ Parker
    This was the one match where I took a short break and thankfully it was short because it ended painfully quickly, and I was glad too. CJ Parker's character is not one of my taste and the match was very short and seemed to draw no interest from the crowd.

    Match 3:
    Mojo Rawley v. Bo Dallas (c) in a non-title match - Winner = Bo Dallas
    When I heard about the match I was pretty hyped, I had a feeling Bo was going to win even before watching, something was just telling me they wouldn't let Mojo beat the champ on the first try.. Anyways this match was pretty entertaining Mojo had his moments of dominance while Bo played it cool, but somewhat cowardly and ended up getting the surprise roll-up on Mojo for the win.

    Match 4:
    (II) Alexander Rusev v. Kofi Kingston | Rematch - Winner = Kofi Kingston
    This was the match I was most hyped for when looking at the lineup for the show, one reason because Rusev is one of my favorite NXT wrestlers and another because I wanted to see what the result was knowing that a week later at the RAW show (this past monday) Kofi would beat Randy Orton in an upset. The match was really good in length and it was filled with fierceness, strength and agility.. Kofi put on a decent show for the NXT universe, Alexander Rusev did the exact same.. It ended with Kofi finishing off Rusev with the Trouble in Paradise.

    Overall this was one of the better NXT shows they've taped and released, the matches were solid (exception of CJ Parker's) both in time and entertainment factors. I'd give it a solid 3.5 compared to what I've considered the better NXT shows.
  2. "High flying tactics"..... couldn't just have called it a corkscrew phoenix splash?

    Also we seem to have different opinions on this episode. This was a drag to sit through. The only good match on the card was the first one. Parker should get as far away from my TV as possible. And Mojo vs Bo had like 3 moves in it.

    Kofi vs Rusev dragged on too much.
  3. I can see why someone would have that opinion, idk I thought since the first Kofi/Rusev bout was kind of short they had to follow it up with a longer bout if Kofi was going to win the rematch, idk good writing IMO. I just liked the Bo/Rawley match because it keeps showing how much more of a coward heel Bo really is before he loses his title.
  4. Kofi gained nothing by beating Rusev. Plus its Kofi, he's about as exiting in the ring as watching paint dry.
  5. Idk if Kofi had lost to Rusev twice in a row and then beat Orton it wouldn't've made any sense like I said just my opinion I think it's good writing to coincide with their Main roster matches.
  6. NXT is a separate universe to RAW and Smackdown. Kofi winning or losing on NXT doesn't affect his standing on the main roster.
  7. In that event they should banish all talking about main roster matches from RAW or Smackdown on NXT and sometimes visa versa yet they dont.. It's confusing to the viewer.. my mistake broseph schwebels lmao
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