NXT 11-04-13. Regal returns to the ring

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyx9cu_desi-shows-net-wwe-nxt-4-11-13-11th-april-2013-hdtv-watch-online_music?search_algo=2#.UWbapZNA3E8[/video]

    This is one of the best episodes in a while. Maddox the commentary god. The Shield, Emma, Lots of story development and a mouth watering main event. :obama:
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  2. Regal gave us the finger :yay:
  3. Ohno just came out psyched.
  4. Regal with the cheap low shot in the corner :obama: god I love Maddox
  5. The way Regal carries himself in the ring is a thing of beauty.
  6. Did not expect that ending. Good match though.
  7. Regal bending Ohno's fingers out of their sockets was pretty brutal. And in front of the camera as well.

    Also @"Pop tatari" might be interested in this episode considering the main event.
  8. Watching this purely for Maddox.
  9. :yes: cannot wait to watch thanks.
  10. :gusta: he's actually hilarious, I love his scouting of the talent.
  11. Thanks, Shabang/Stoppy/Spotstopper.
  12. Just saw it.

    Marked for:
    -Rollins vs. Graves next week
    -All the champion matches in two weeks
    -Emmalution :happy:
    -Regal vs. Ohno
  13. So the entire show basically ^
  14. Man, such an awesome main event, great stuff by Regal and Ohno. Epic storytelling. Also liked the ending as long as they continue the storyline. Overall show was pretty good as well, Ohno with Regal's Real Man's Man shirt :lol1:, We Believe chants in the beginning, Emma interview haha.
  15. Yeah Internet ended up being too shitty to watch, god damn Doha Internet only seems to play porn.
  16. I love how Tony Dawson introduces Maddox as the ‘Assistant managing supervisor’, and Maddox corrects him anyway ‘That’s assistant managing supervisor, Brad Maddox to you Tony’ :lol1:

    The Shield got insane pops again from NXT lmao. I really don't like this Corey Graves at all, but get the feeling 'H is gonna push him anyway cause he's one of his guys. Still, Rollins should be able to drag him to a good match next week. Just me that hates lumberjack matches btw?

    Regal/Ohno was absolutely sick, by far Ohno's best work that I've seen. Perfect example of how you can put someone over despite winning, Ohno looked awesome in that match. I guess they'll have some sort of rematch in a few weeks, hopefully no DQ or something :fap:
  17. Graves honestly doesn't need carrying in a match. He's not that far behind Seth in the ring. Just works a slower style. Graves is really talented, I expect a lot from him.
  18. Urgh, I've hated him so far. IMO a horrible look, generic mic work and a crap worker. In saying that I've only ever seen him wrestle a couple of times, and one of them was god awful from what I remember. (Oliver Grey possibly? I actually like him as well)
  19. I've seen a fair deal of Corey and I have to say I don't agree on any of your points. He has a great look for an anti-authority face or tweener, with his size he obviously works best as the underdog. He's a talented wrestler who works a more methodical, submission based style so I can understand why people think he seems slow. But every move in a Corey match leads towards the end which is a submission, something I love to see. Plus he managed to get a decent match out of Conor O'Brien so that is a plus. He's also a pretty good mic worker. People tend to compare his independent work to Raven when he really lets go on the mic.

    He's obviously not for everyone but he also obviously isn't horrible.
  20. I'd prefer a guy of his size to have slightly more pace, because it just doesn't look believable. I've looked at his top 15 moves and to be honest for a submission specialist he doesn't seem to have a big variety of moves. His look makes it harder for him to get over IMO. I wouldn't say anti-authority, more just irritating. It's not something I really look that much into as a fan, but his look just really irritates me. If he's gonna wrestle the way he does he needs to get bigger.


    This is the one by the way.
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