Spoiler NXT 11/13/14 - 12/4/14 results

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    The following NXT spoilers are from Thursday’s tapings at Full Sail University:
    Source: PWMania
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    Thanks for sharing, man! These episodes are gonna be great...

    I can't wait for Balor's debut and his run in NXT!

    I'm also kinda sick and tired of Zayn constantly losing to Neville. Hopefully he wins the NXT title at Takeover, or if he doesn't, they'd better call him up on the main roster. The guy is simply pure gold!

    Baron Corbin still doing squash matches? Like one Rusev wasn't enough. I'm pretty sure I'll start disliking this guy soon, if he doesn't stop doing squash matches. Love his finisher, though, but other than that, he's not really been impressive.
  3. Mia Yim :yay:
    I'm obviously really looking forward to Finn Balor, even if Tyson Kidd is part of the equation.
  4. Oh yeah. Dude's a beast. Hopefully he doesn't stick there too long.
  5. Sounds like some pretty gnarly NXT shows coming to air from mid November to early December.. Glad Finn Balor is starting to get involved now, I like his style!
  6. Yup. Can't wait to see Balor tearin' it up!
  7. From next week and from that point on, NXT's gonna be rockin' so hard! Not that it hasn't been good thus far, but it's gonna be even better...
  8. Spoiler got it wrong for the Zayn/Neville match. Neville got 'hurt' not Sami. Good match though. Lots of good matches from WWE shows other than RAW this week lol.
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