NXT 11-21

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvasv2_desi-shows-net-wwe-nxt-11-21-12-21st-november-2012_sport?search_algo=2[/video]

    Thank you, Stopspot, for keeping things rolling.
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  2. No worries big boy. I liked this weeks episode. Distinct lack of Rollins but they kept the Wyatt thing rolling and finished the Ohno vs Steamboat feud.
  3. Rain is back :yay:

  4. Yeah we've missed you Rain :yay:

    Another poor NXT though :emoji_slight_frown: I'm missing McGillicutty/Kidd/Rollins and god, I cannot stand Richie Steamboat. Seriously one of the least interesting guys to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Still, Wyatt being there at least gives me some reason to be interested.
  5. Bronson needs to go. Too many big muscle guys in singlets now with Langston and Ryback, we don't need another one. Plus he looks overweight, not intimidating. Decent Kassius promo earlier, Langston match was cool. Fuck Richie Steamboat though.
  6. Yeah, Bronson is pretty meh. Was a good episode though.
  7. Mark-out moment of the night: The crowd chanting "Lets Go Ziggler" at Mike Dalton.

    Didn't care for this episode at all, too many "VKM big guys" getting pushed.
  8. They were chanting that at Dalton? :lol1:

    I think Big E is all they need at NXT with as far as big heavyweights go.
  9. Watching this tonight after work as missed it this week.

  10. Man I love how over Big E is. I wish the refs would actually count to 5 though. :bury:
  11. No idea how he's going to debut though. He is basically a black Ryback with a different catch phrase.
  12. Out of a character standpoint I prefer Bronson over Big E. Big E is a black Ryback so not much can be done with him to truly make him unique right now. Bronson seems to be more of a brawler so you can do more with his character to make him unique. They are just using him as a standard big Vince guy
  13. God I despise Bronson. Ugh.
  14. I haven't made an opinion on Bronson yet. I tend to not make opinions on guys who just do squashes since they don't do the full character justice.
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