NXT 15-05-2013 Generico has arrived

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 16, 2013.

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    Another solid one this week.
    Divas match was good. Natalya should show up more often on NXT. Ending was a bit wonky since Paige didn't get involved until it was sharpshooter time.

    Zayn was a good talker, probably a surprise to most considering his promo style as Generico. Also a sharp dresser and damn charismatic. He'll be just fine.

    Wyatt has his character all figured out. Love the Eater of Worlds moniker. The match was a standard Wyatt squash but Burch shows some promise if he got a character.

    Dusty Rhodes you dastardly bastard. You figured out a way to make Bo Dallas entertaining. Having Bo go the same route as Angle did during his original heel run, thinking of himself as a babyface whilst being hated is genius. Hopefully this will work. Neville is a better talker than expected considering his accent.

    O'Brien did a typical two man squash considering his ring skills. Briley and Sakamoto did a good job selling. Loving that they are putting Conor back in a team and Rick Victor is the right person for the job.

    Good segment with Graves and Wyatt backstage. Both men know how to talk and it set things up well.

    Sandow helped Big E to his possibly best match yet.

    They also planted a lot of seeds for the future, which is always a good thing.
    Overall grade a strong 7, I might raise it to an 8.
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  2. :yay: Generico's finally here! GrammarNazi82

    Just like last week I'll go ahead and call this 8/10 without watching it. Guess I'll post thoughts afterwards just like you did... wait, you're Seabs, right?
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  3. El generico is still taking care of orphans, this is fake.
  4. I'm Stop.
  5. Ahh. Sorry 'bout that.
  6. I'm go.. see what I did there? hahaha--

    I have no friends. :okay:
  7. There there, you'll learn :otunga:
  8. omg i lernd how 2 do a power bom bcuz cena did #cenaswag
  9. Loved the episode and every match and promo, inlcuding the one with Bo Dallas. That scene with Neville was just absolutely hilarious to me because it just seemed like Neville hated the shit out of Bo for a moment there, lmao.

    Bray Wyatt is seriously something to marvel at. He manages to make me scared while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a fedora.
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  10. omg dont b sush a mawrk

    i new hoo nevelle waz b4 wwe swogswogswog
  11. OMG! That is absolutely perfect.
  12. I have no shame for marking about NXT. :dawg:
  13. To be honest with myself, the talent they have is quite amazing.

    Neville has been one of my favorites since he was PAC, so I'm glad to see him getting successful.
  14. NXT is the best wrestling show in America. It is hard to argue. The amount of solid quality they get out in a one hour program which is booked reportedly only by Dusty Rhodes and Triple H is remarkable.
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  15. :yay: :yay: :yay:

    Best news I've heard all day! You would have to tease me with this awesome news while I'm at work. :haha: Can't wait to check it out later! I've been looking forward to checking Generico out in his new role as Sami Zayn. Thanks for the tag!
  16. [​IMG]
    He's the one who hasn't got a torn anus or is Colt Cabana in front. You'd take him home to meet mom and dad, admit it.
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  17. I really really would. :gusta: Dude is fantastic to watch in the ring, and charismatic to boot just from his overall demeanor and attitude (haven't gotten to watch him on this NXT episode yet). I'd introduce him to the parents any day.

    (Although, come to think of it, I might have to fight a friend for him since she likes gingers. :haha: )
  18. He cut a very humble and good promo, they also hinted at his past since they said he was a renowned star from the independents. He just seems like a really likable guy. Also he is a real good speaker.
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