NXT 17-04-2013: Rollins vs Graves in a Lumberjack match

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xz4u2q_wwe-nxt-hq-april-17-2013_sport?search_algo=2#.UXDuXldZMnI[/video]

    Another really good episode this week. Kruger continues to be solid. Emma busts out a submission I did not expect, Wyatt is a beast and Rollins vs Graves put on a really good main event.

    Top show, top talent, top results :obama:
  2. Big E wearing the Cesaro t-shirt!
  3. :yes: Awesome episode. The Shield looked absolutely dominant, Gabriel and Kruger had their best match yet. Really good Paige promo, too. Disappointed by the lack of Emma botches, but hell you can't possibly not love that character.

    Oh, and if you watch: Don't fast forward through the "WWE World Tour" ad. You're welcome. :sandow:
    And "NXT invades Wrestlemania Axxess" thing was cool to see as well.
  4. Next week should be good as well considering the line up. According to the taping notes Neville vs Cesaro was an amazing match so we might have a MOTYC on our hands.
  5. I'm about to quit watching raw and SD! and only watch NXT
  6. It's the only weekly show I have to watch every week apart from RAW right now. I can miss a Smackdown, Main Event or Impact. But if I miss NXT I'm gonna be sad.
  7. Fantastic episode. Can someone relink last weeks episode so I can see Shield's promo?
  8. It's up on Watchwrestling and Bollyrulez. Both sites have easily used archives. Or just go threw my thread list in my profile (I made last week's thread as well).
  9. Probably the best hour of pure wrestling you can have on the WWE.
    I skip parts of Raw SD! or TNA (I watch it on watchwrestling) but i dont skip NXT. I watch from minute 1 till minute 60
  10. Same here. NXT does so much right about wrestling. The feuds are personal, championships matter and the focus lies on the wrestling (Except with Emma because she is fucking awesome!) Also there are some great characters instead of just guys in tights.
  11. Exactly. Couldnt agree more than you. HHH is doing really good,can wait to become the chairman of the WWE tbh.
    When was the last time we saw a feud like Regal's one?
    Everyone as a good gimmick.Divas actually matter(Yeah Emma :yay:) And the Shield is always around. The NXT before WM was booked with a lot of the main roster superstars. And sucked, I prefer a Cesaro/NXT guy than Cesaro/Orton. Yoshi is the ultimate jobber.
  12. No, the ultimate jobber is Aiden English. He's the scrawny lumberjack. He's absolutely hilarious. But apparently he is gaining momentum on the house shows. also at the next tapings Sami Zayn (El Generico, look him up if you don't know who he is) should debut :yay:
  13. I dont watch indys stuff but Ive checked some matches. He's awesome but...I hate the fact that the WWE removed his mask.I guess he will be face but a match between him and Neville would be so damn awesome.
    I checked NXT tickets and they are about 5-20 dollars. Cheap imo to watch high quality wreslting
  14. He'll work fine without the mask in my opinion. The mask doesn't make him. I've caught some house show matches on the internet and he is wrestling much the same style without the mask. As a somewhat comical underdog. He'll be really good most likely.
  15. Can't wait until Generico comes up, is it next weeks ep? Anyway Bray is epic tonight, the way he sat down with the mic with Yoshi's head on his lap was sick.
  16. The next tapings aren't until May 2nd or something like that. Next week is the clash of champions. With the reportedly beast Cesaro vs Neville match.
  17. :cornette: dammit, Cesaro throwing Neville around will be dope however.
  18. Clash of champions :fap:
  19. I read some live crowd reports from the taping that it is possibly the best NXT match ever. Alongside Jericho vs Wyatt (which sadly seems to be a dark match)
  20. Really like how NXT has changed since Season 3 for example. Divas used to have stupid challenges. Now, they get more TV time than the main roster divas
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