NXT 2-13: Tag Team Tournament Finals

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Back by popular demand, here's your weekly NXT link! Watch it before it gets taken down boys.

  2. NXT 2-13

    Okay episode this week. Worth watching by the main event alone.

    I like Summer Rae. She's a bit green in the ring but she covers it up with heel mannerisms well. Paige sounded more like a small child than angry on the stick tho.

    Neville and Grey will make great tag champs in my opinion. Now we just need Bray back in the ring.
  3. Also:

    Here, have some foot
  4. Best episode in a while imo, but you're a much bigger fan of tag matches than I... especially with the Wyatt Family involved. Those guys are so damn boring. Completely agree with the Paige and Summer Rae analysis, Rae reminds me so much of Maryse. Riley's gotten really out of shape but hard to say I blame him.

    Am I the only guy here who sees some potential in Corey Graves?
  5. I see it as well. Especially on the stick. He's a pretty good promo cutter when he wants to. On the indy scene he was apparently compared to Raven (which is a lot to live up to).

    Personally I have no problem with the Family. Wyatt's character is that of a southern preacher (taken from cape fear) so he needs them to get established in my opinion. He needs minions. And Harper and Rowan provide perfect muscle.

    Rae in my opinion, if polished could be a top diva. She has a bit of IT factor to her that can be nourished into something.
  6. Really liked the episode. The big boot was great, liked Summer's debut, given that she's still new she's alright. Always nice to see Wyatt, the main event was pretty nice.
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