NXT 2012-11-07

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  3. Told you he'd be back sweetie
  4. Dislike the idea of having his "sons" wrestle for him, Wyatt shined when he was in the ring. Fair enough he's decent at those promos he cuts, but I'd much prefer to see his innovation in the ring. I guess they are simply introducing his stable though.

    Great episode though. Lanceston is over as fuck and I can see why. People may hate generic muscle-type wrestlers but man is he athletic, as well as intimidating and has a great look/theme. I think he can go far to be honest.
  5. I marked my ass off when Luke Harper debued. He was great on the indie circuit as Brodie Lee and he fits right in with Wyatt. I also understand why Wyatt isn't wrestling since he is still recovering from injury.

    Great to see a story build around Big E as well. Also a fairly interesting one with the whole bounty put out on him.
  6. What do you see in him? He looks so generic and boring. Reminds me of that horrifically tall guy who had no charisma in NXT season 2 I think it was. I like the stable idea, I just got bored by giving them spotlight. It needs to be about Wyatt.
  7. That was really poor after Hero/Barretta IMO (besides Wyatt returning :fap:), why the fuck did Jinder win that F4W?
  8. Followed Harper since his DGUSA days. He is like the ultimate henchman in whatever faction he was part of. He is also a really talented big man (dude is tall as fuck)
  9. Funny you made that comparison, Eli (tall dude from NXT 2) was Wyatt's minion on FCW before he left. Maybe you already knew that. Anyway, I believe they're doing this because Bray is still recovering from injury, so let's wait.
  10. I wonder what will happen next week.
  11. Also looking forward to the next NXT show, as always.
  12. Best show in the WWE without a doubt. Rollins and Mahal will have a good showing again next week guaranteed.
  13. For sure. Their first match was awesome. Looking forward to Wyatt as well.
  14. Ah Wyatt...
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