NXT 2012-11-28

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Time for some more of the best WWE show out there. NXT


    Show starts with an magnificent Daniel Bryan promo :dawg:
  2. Was cringing through that Rollins/Mahal segment, really poor work from both guys. The rest was a bit meh but the ME was awesome. McGillicutty owns.

  3. Lmao at Bryan and Kane, omg that was fucking hilarious.
  4. Xavier Woods is a boss.
  5. Rollins and Mahal was super cringe worthy. Michael McGillicuty, Bryan and Kane = pure entertainment however.
  6. Seth has the right posture, nothing wrong with how he looks in a promo or how he holds himself but he needs better material and someone better to work with if his mic work is to be good. Same with Mahal.

    Both guys seem to be the kind of guy that needs a catalyst to work with in a promo to make it good or a guy to work with that is known for stellar mic work and can push him.
    Seth has cut some damn good promos but it has always been with either a good catalyst or when in a rivalry with someone who pushes him (His Ambrose rivalry in FCW for example).
    But he definitely looked like a serious champion there in my opinion, also he is very over with the crowd thanks to his ring work and overall character.
  7. I don't think material is to blame, just think he is pretty poor at it overall. I agree that he needs to be the type that is carried by the heel in a promo, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Kinda like Jericho in this promo below(god I miss him)

    With the crowd feeling sort of sympathetic for him, he plays that role brilliantly from the little I've seen.

    Mahal is just a lost cause, he's absolute gash. Beyond his good look he has absolutely nothing going for him. Get rid double double e.
  8. thanks for this stopspot
  9. No worries, me or Rain links to NXT every week.
  10. Was a good show, as usual. Kane and Bryan did great as usual, we got to see a sneak peak of Curtis as Fandango and I always enjoy watching McGillicutty.
  11. You can't blame Mahal, actually, I think Mahal was the better of the two in this for his delivery alone. Rollins shocked me, I thought his mic work had dramatically improved but this makes me slightly more anxious for his future RAW promos, which is why I guess Ambrose is leading them.

    Rollins I think could flourish against Ambrose ironically enough, he seems the type who might lift his game around great promo cutters. Kinda similar to Ziggler when he cut a promo with Foley, Jericho and then against Miz on main event.
  12. Yeah this was the worst out of Rollins promos I've seen. Which is weird since he has improved a lot since he came to WWE. But yeah I think he is the kind of guy who needs someone to push him.
  13. Ziggler is miles ahead of Rollins in the mic department, he's managed to find the perfect character to suit his talking style. I think the fact that those promos were with two incredible + one good mic worker is just a coincidence. They obviously add a lot to the segment, but Ziggler didn't need them as such.
  14. The plus side of having Rollins and Reigns up on the main roster now is that they will be more around some of the top mic workers in the business than when down in developmental. That is a plus since they can pick up from these guys and learn on site. Mic skills can be taught to most wrestlers.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. That there is the reason I said most you pleb (love you). Jericho himself said he was bad on the stic until he got a chance to do it regularly in front of a TV crowd.
  17. Agreed. Ziggler ups his game around better mic workers, that didn't mean I thought he was a bad mic worker lol. Ofc Ziggler > Rollins in that department.

    Don't compare Jericho and Rollins. Rookie IWC mistake.
  18. I didn't meant to consciously compare them. Jericho was the one guy I could think of who has admitted to being bad on the mic at one point in his career. But it's like R'Albin also pointed out a matter of finding a promo style that suites you. Dolph found a style that makes his promos work.

    Might be the fanboy in me but I like to believe that Seth can cut a good promo when pushed to it or when needed.

    This one I like to think of as prime example that Seth can cut a serviceable promo when he needs to.

    He'll most likely never be a Miz or Rock but if he finds that right style for his promos that is just him then I think he can be good.
  19. A bad Jericho > Most on the mic.

    This is why I feel Rollins won't really break into the ME, his mic skills sort of let him down. I do think he has the capability to have a Jeff Hardy type career though.
  20. I'd like to see him be around the main event but I also admit that his promos are his weak side. A Hardy career is very likely, where he is always on the card in the upper mid card, sniffing around the main event scene. Always utilized but never the top star. A more modern WWE comparison of that role could perhaps be Kofi?
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