NXT 2012-12-06

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Another week another episode of NXT makes it way to us courtesy of BollyRulez

    Bo Dallas your mic work makes me want to hurt people.
  2. Great episode. Awesome opening and main event.
  3. Rubbish episode imo.

    Good opening match. Dallas and Reigns simply can't talk. Byron sucks at commentary. Good main event.
  4. Byron? Byron hasn't been doing commentary for weeks.
  5. I swear Byron was commentating for this weeks show... Unless I'm getting the name wrong. Whoever was with Regal in this episode was poor. Here's one of the quotes he used multiple times during the opener - "McGilllicuty FOR THE WIN"... Jesus.
  6. Tony Dawson (real name Luftman) he's been commentating for weeks now. I think he's pretty good most of the time. Saxton has even been taken off of the NXT roster and been made into a creative assistant instead.
  7. Saxton's a ring announcer now. Decent at that, but then again, even I could be a decent ring announcer.
  8. Poop filled diapers, thats what he is full of.
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