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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Lady Deathbane, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Season 7, Episode 191


    Last week the new BFF’s Sasha Banks and Summer Rae defeated the team of Emma & NXT Women’s Champion Paige! This week Emma looks for some payback against Sasha Banks when they face off on NXT! With the NXT Diva’s Division heating up on all sides, this could turn into more than just a match! Tune into to NXT to see these two divas in action!

    After the implosion of Adrian Neville & Corey Graves, The NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension look to continue their domination of the NXT Tag Team Division, and they will be in action this week on NXT!

    More to come...

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  2. Great post Jenn :yes:
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  3. Great post Ryan :yes:
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  4. :yay: these are back! Welcome back Deathbane, Tweeted it out. Think this was a pretty meh taping but whatever its NXT!
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  5. Missed you Lady!
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  6. Totally okay episode this week. Fun note about one of the jobbers the Ascension faced. Tommy Taylor (the bald one) used to be a WWE developmental talent back in the FCW days.
  7. I hate the Euro way of date/month/year.
  8. Someone's profile picture got hotter. mmmm ramen broth.
  9. Sounds like they hit bullseye with it. Hell, last week we got "Bo has boobies" chants.
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  10. Love how the "Lets go this guy" chant has become a regular thing at Full Sail. Actually, love everything that becomes a thing at Full Sail. :dawg:

    Not the best episode, but the Ascension/Neville/*shoves Lady away* Emma were on the show, so :yay:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha didn't notice that one. Nice find!
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  11. Welcome back LD! Haven't watche this one yet, but I'm only one episode behind.
  12. Not seen NXT in a while actually, but I really do want to see some Ascension.
  13. They are killing it. This was was a good episode.
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  14. Speaking of Ascension, is Rick Victor suppose to be blind or something? Because I got that impression when he never looks at people while talking, but then again, how the hell can he be blind if he's a wrestler lmao.

    Idk :urm:
  15. About to watch the show now,it seems like a pretty decent episode.
  16. Your avatar :yay:
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  17. Tumblr is the best place to find avatars.:jesse:
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  18. :true:
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