NXT 23/4/13 Sort Of Live Discussion ---- NO SPOILERS!----

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Star Lord, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
    What To Expect?​
    Expect the US Title, IC Title, Divas Title and NXT title to be on the line!​
    Main Event:​
    Big E Langston takes on Brad Maddox for the NXT world title!​

  2. As I've said, I think this has been already taped. So the champs won't change.
  3. Yeah its been taped, dont know the results but still a discussion :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Yes I will discuss it. I'm a NXT guy
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  5. Its really a test thread tbh, Never tried to discuss a taped show, NXT is awesome! I love watching it but no one likes to discuss it on MP so I thought I would try it here and say if you guys like it and if it works well :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Brad Maddox :O, are the results of this taped show on another site?
  7. I think, Still come by and discuss, Looks like some good matches!
  8. Indeed, I will try to be here on time
    AJ Vs Kaitlyn Divas title​
    Cesaro Vs Neville US Title​
    Bo Dallas Vs Wade Barrett IC title​
  10. Cesaro vs Neville is gonna be :fap:
    The AJ vs Kaitlyn its gonna be meh
    and only pumped for Big E vs Maddox..Only because its the only match where the champion could change
  11. Did... you.. just diss AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. We both know shes not going to wrestle
  13. AJ doesnt wrestle im gonna riot!
  14. Dude, she's a heel. She'll probably have a lot of cheap moves in her arsenal, lol. I didn't really expect her to do anything at the battle royal and I was right, so I'm going to assume the same for this one, sorry dude. I like AJ, she's the most interesting diva on the MAIN roster but it's just meh right now.
  15. Btw, what time is NXT on?

    And by that I mean, does anyone know when Hulu posts it? lmao. Would also like to know what time streams usually post NXT episodes too, such as Bollyrulez.
  16. Oh, and you might wanna take off "NO SPOILERS" in the title because we can't really have a discussion about it if we can't spoil anything... lmfao... what kind of discussion would that be?

    "i cant believe that guy did that thing to that guy"

    "did you see what he did just now to that guy and then that other guy jumped in and did that thing that he does?"
  17. lol, I was meaning no one to come in before the show and spoil it lol, Ill try and change it.
  18. Damnit. I can't discuss. Hulu and streams won't post links to it until tomorrow. :sad:

    Where do you live, Adam?
  19. Scotland, Im trying to find a stream, if I find one ill PM it.
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  20. Yeah no one livestreams NXT because it's so hard to actually get the channel its on. NXT wont be released for at least another 12 hours. So this thread isn't gonna work.
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