NXT 3-14: Cesaro vs Langston

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy7bx8_by-rulez-txn-2013-03-14-hdtv_sport[/video]

    Copying Stopspot here and posting the link from drmasti5050.

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  2. Watching now
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  3. Now that I've watched this I will try to rate it.

    Ohno vs Bateman was a solid match. Ohno looked more well put together in the ring than before his sudden disappearance, showing signs of his old Hero persona but still being vicious. Bateman was also surprisingly solid in the ring. The pay off here was after the match though. With the Regal feud really kicking off. This will be good methinks.

    Summer Rae vs Emma was a good divas match. Emma is so good at playing bad that it's hilarious and I have already expressed my likings for Summer.

    I liked the interview with Neville building his and Grey's feud with the family. I expected him to be dreadful on the mic but he was serviceable.

    Wyatt vs Dallas was good. Wyatt carrying Dallas to a good match when it came to the story telling and psychology. Dallas is solid technically but needs a lot of work on the story and psychology aspect. The blowout of the match was also interesting.

    Gabriel did an okay job of building his feud with Kruger. Kruger is the superior talker though.

    Okay main event. Cesaro is always impressive and he worked a physical match with Big E. Nice ending as well which sets up quite a bit.

    Good episode this week.
  4. Emma is over :lol1:

    And Regal is great.
  5. Emma is queen of the trolls. The Joseph Park of the WWE.
  6. Link doesn't work D:! I was really hoping to see Cesaro aswell :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Anyway, Stopspot, thought this was the best ep yet. Really made me realize just how good this show has become with all the storylines, such an awesome week for wrestling this was in general.

    Would anyone else watch an hour of just Emma trying to get in the ring?

    Hate criticizing booking on NXT but some of the feuds don't feel as fulfilling because of strong babyface booking. Why watch Gabriel and Kruger and now Dallas and Wyatt since we already saw the good guy win? Loved the stuff between Regal and Kassius, Langston looked great going toe-to-toe with the US Champion, don't know why they promoted ADR if they were going to do nothing with him, Bray and Bo was fun, and like how they have more feuds than Raw/Smackdown and remember to have promos for the ones they can't spotlight. HHH is doing so many things well.

    Hate that too! Kinda embarassing posting links just to see they're gone :haha: Stopspot and I post it every Thursday so if you want to watch you'll probably have to come by then. I'll repost it for you if I can find it up again though
  8. Thanks bro :emoji_grin:! I did see the last one :3 i'll be sure to check by more often!
  9. Need to watch this
  10. Look it up on BollyRulez.
  11. Hangman's clutch :obama:

    Bo Dallas is a charisma magnet, day panting.
  12. Can't take that geordie accent seriously. Blame Geordie shore, also Big E making things delicious Wtf? Bray love
  13. http://watchwrestling.net/watch-wwe-nxt-31413/

    For anyone who hasn't seen it. Solid show. I really dug Hero's return, and Cesaro/Langstonwas great. Cesaro is so godly.
  14. Dallas makes Elgin look like Punk from a psychological standpoint. His scream made me lol tho. NXT universe? Wtf.
  15. Yeah apparently they call the fans the universe.
  16. Every time they say that it makes me want to cut myself.

    Show Spoiler
    Come on you knew that was sarcasm

    Oh, and Bo still sucks, and now he has an obnoxiously catchy theme on top of that... ugh

    And in your sig how did AJ's hood do that?
  17. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=frtRLgaTjbI[/video]

    Old, but still the same two guys :emoji_grin:!
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