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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xydca5_wwe-nxt-3-20-13-full-show-hq_sport#.UUseszdfaSo[/video]

    (Is this naming style okay, with a 3-word title to describe the main event?)

    Enjoy noobs.
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  2. NXT 3-21: Neville Wants Revenge

    Title should be fine. It's just like at the start of RAW when the voice-over guy gives an overview what's happening.

    Thanks, liked and repped, even if you are only embedding :lol1:
    Edit; Repped you within the last 3 days :sad:
  3. NXT 3-21: Neville Wants Revenge

    Liked this episode. Good opener with Kruger vs Gabriel. Good divas match, really solid main event with two former Dragon Gate regulars. Not to mention the Regal and Ohno mic segment.
  4. RE: NXT 3-21: Neville Wants Revenge

    Thanks man. Can't do the kind of awesome uploads you do because I'm not wasting money on a Hulu subscription, so DM is the only way us Amerifags can watch it. May as well share it for the rest.

    And hey, even amongst the international crowd it generally usually starts a couple of pages of good discussion (until people come in and bitch about the video being removed) so why not keep it going?

    (Tempted to change the name to "NXT 3-21: William Regal Cuts a Promo :yay: )
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  5. RE: NXT 3-21: Neville Wants Revenge

    Haha, aww :obama:

    Lol, Regal cuts a promo. Epic title :lol1:
  6. Some pics of this weeks show.

  7. Well Rain, your title was successful in getting me in. Can't get over the difference in Hero since the last time I seen him a couple of weeks ago. Looks the part without that awful beard and that's easily the best promo I've heard him cut since coming to WWE. Probably the best I've heard on NXT.
  8. :ANNOYED:
  9. His unkept beard looked awful on him. He looks much better with a trimmed one.
  10. Any bread is good bread
  11. But not when it makes Chris Hero look like a loony toon.
  12. Any way Hero can send Luke to that barber? That thing is getting out of control.
  13. Harper has always been bearded but yeah. He is starting to look like Peter Griffin in that one Family Guy episode.
  14. Does he have a bird growing in it?

    Also I remembered I need to watch this so I shall commence the watching.
  15. Whilst on the subject of Luke Harper.

    Back when he was working his Bruiser Brodie Jr meets Diesel gimmick.
  16. The show was good but I liked the moment in which Regal kicks Ohno's face.
  17. The show was good but you only liked one segment?
  18. On the subject of beards


    Back on topic: Great segment between Hero and Regal, look forward to where this goes, must be a match in it somewhere which is great.
  19. Is the moment I liked the most, it was great the Paige return fight and the main event
  20. Hero is working face on the house show circuit. I would like the build up to the match be built around Regal wanting to save Ohno from himself. Kind of like Punk/Steamboat in ROH.
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