NXT 5-09-2013

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  1. Solid episode. Got the start of some new stories, new teams being formed and some good matches.
    Opening match between Sandow and Corbin was solid. Corbin with some more work and a character could work, need to hear him speak though. Paige vs Bayley was good. Ohno is now a face and Camacho has improved a lot since last time I saw him. Gonna be interesting to see how Baby Ziggler and Sakamoto work as a team and the main event was real good.
  2. There are four sure things in life: Death, taxes, Aaron Rodgers, and yet another great NXT on Thursday.
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  3. Liked Corbin, he connected with the crowd easily, he's got charisma. Pierce and Sakamoto as a team can get me some nice entertainment so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Ohno and Wyatt? Is this a dream??!?!?!?! :happy:
  5. Someone suggest me somewhere to start, and ill give it a shot. I checked it out about 8 months ago and liked it quite a bit, but between raw, smackdown, and impact (with seeing former impact shows i missed....Impact > i need something to get into without spending 10+ hours a week on something.
  6. Just avoid one of the WWE shows and watch this instead, haha.
    This week's really a good starting point, not a fantastic episode but plenty of storylines are just starting up.
  7. Btw, was also very very glad to see Ohno turning face. Hopefully that'll lead to some great improvement.
  8. This week it is. I havent even watched WWE for the most part lately, ill be watching less (impact weekly still) WWE product, as i spend more time doing things outside.
  9. What's an outside?
  10. Don't know. Every time I move my blinds, some light shines and I close it immediately. I heard it was boring and nothing special though.
  11. The graphics are meh and the gameplay is horrible. 4/10.
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  12. I always get nerfed. I'd rather stay inside.
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