NXT 5/2/13

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roi, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Its up my beloved NXT mates
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  2. Finally Jericho won a fight, in NXT, so glad :emoji_slight_smile:.

    And Paige against Rae, I was excited about that match, I thought Rae could won Paige but she didn't...
  3. :yes: Thanks, will watch when I get home
  4. Another very solid show this week. Jericho vs Wyatt was match of the night but the triple team elimination tag was also very good. The divas match was also good but not very good. Paige needs more character work because there is no depth to her other than being a "anti-diva" which makes me fear what will happen to her once that novelty wears off. Summer at least has a more versatile character.

    As for the match announced for next week. Seems logical that the family will pick up the belts from Neville and his replacement (bo) if Grey really is out for six months. It also makes sense if it is true that Neville is main roster bound soon as well. We'll see what happens tonight when they tape the next months worth of shows.
  5. Also:
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  6. Was the video lagging for anyone else during some parts?
  7. Yeah I got the same issue.
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