NXT 5/22/13 - Lets get (in)Zayn

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2013.

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  1. This weeks episode is up peeps. Thanks to the uploader.

    Will add comments once I have watched it all. GOAT episode so far.
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    Damn, was just about to post this :sad:

    Why must you always be so prompt and dependable?

    GrammarNazi82 don't forget your weekly dose of former-Generico-ness!
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  3. It's my thing.

    Anyways, really good episode this week!

    Two really good matches from Sami Zayn in the opener. NXT established a start there. Hawkins was also solid in ring and should be used more (his drunk style Pelé kick was cool) and the Cesaro match ended in the right way, making both guys walk out strong.

    Enzo Amore is the GOAT heel. I loved him even if he was only there to job. Mason Ryan seems to have improved in ring as well so that is a plus. On that top Mason, Ryback called. He wants you to stop doing his running clothesline better than him.

    Really good main event as well. Graves and Wyatt clicked well and had some real good chemistry. Well paced, well set up match and Rowan and Harper knew where to be.

    NXT's strong side is that they can go episodes without seeing the champion or any of the guys with tons of momentum, because there are always other guys with equal or near equal momentum ready to work. Multiple focus points without losing focus of anyone.

    9/10 episode from me. One of the better ones.
  4. Alkaline really needs to stop using the word GOAT.
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  5. Yep all of us on this forum use it too much, the amount of times X is the GOAT but doesn't beat Y is fucking ridiculous.
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  6. Not sure if this is the BEST episode ever but that's just because that episode a couple of weeks ago with Bray vs Jericho was that damn good. But If this wasn't as good as that one, it was pretty damn close.

    Things I never thought I'd ever say ever: Curt Hawkins looks like AJ Styles.

    This is the first time I've seen Generico wrestle and he had a lot of hype to live up to... Yep. He lived up to the hype. He's got a cool, unique look who can pull of some highspots to pop the crowd AND do nice technical work. He reminds me of Alberto Del Rio except with charisma, and his promo wasn't bad either (really seemed likable). So far so good from Sami! Good booking too.

    The one thing I worry about was the crowd not reacting, but hell that crowd was dead throughout the show. Guess that was the end of the taping.

    Audrey Marie, avoid any part of California or fear the wrath of Deathbane. YES WE DO CARE ABOUT EMMA'S STUPID DANCE. Emma ftw. :dawg: Then that one guy who's name escapes me comes out cutting a hysterical promo, hope to see more of that weirdo. Badaboom. Realest man in the room. Also that video package of Bray needs to be a separate Youtube video.

    Hmm, lets see what promo's hidden in the World Tour report this week, hope it's gold... nope, Sheamus. Fast forward.

    I mark every time I hear Graves' theme song... Wait, Corey's face? Whaaa? Was kinda perplexed by it, he didn't seem comfortable, his character screams heel... but honestly this could be a good way to go. They need a good mid-card badass face to replace Orton when he turns back heel. But his character needs a lot of work, still, and his ring-work doesn't fit the character at all... but his hope spot at the end looked awesome though when he hulked up and took out the Wyatt Family out by himself. The previously dead crowd ate that up. Maybe there's hope yet. As for Bray, what's there to say that hasn't been said already? Well your mask sucks and can't stay on your head, but otherwise just more of the same gold from Bray.
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  7. Can't wait to witness former-Generico wrestling with WWE! :yay: Thanks for the reminder; will have to check it out this evening!
  8. First off that commentator with Regal is diabolical,over excitable and adds nothing to the product. Genrico was impressive as he always is but the matches were just ok, the Cesaro one should of been a bit longer,I enjoyed the main event and i agree they had good chemistry.
  9. Well indeed a great episode.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this show. I watched way back when for a couple episodes, but this is just above and beyond what i expected.

  11. OLEEEE!-This is setting what can be one of the best feuds NXT has seen
  12. Emma is such a troll. :lol1:
    Good match between Cesaro and Zayn. Expect to see more matches between the two.
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    :yay: :yay: :yay: Rope Run Tornado FTW!! :win:

    Curt Hawkins' new look? :gusta: I'm in.

    Still..... Sami Zayn!! :yes: Every bit as good of a debut as I'd hoped for. I'm still so unbelievably excited for him being in WWE now.
    "We're going to get to know each other pretty well!" I hope so. :gusta:

    Squash match by Cesaro, then Zayn interrupts!! :yay: Fucking love him. Great little promo, followed by ANOTHER good Zayn match! Two matches and two wins on his debut night! :win: Awesome start to my Thursday night.

    OK, didn't need the Raw recap. Also, dammit Stephanie, :gtfo: What ever will her historic announcement be?

    Graaaaves! I'm liking the red and black color scheme of both Zayn and Graves. Wyatt's mask makes me think of Cody Rhodes, when he became less-than-dashing. ( Rainman you might want to revoke your "like." Apparently I'm updating this with random thoughts and observations as I watch. :haha: ) OK, I don't watch NXT -- who is the big dude with the bald head and big red beard?

    Haha, "journalist man." "Watch that hair now." -- sounded like a chick fight for a second there. Poor Graves. He needs some TLC.

    Kassius Ohno!! :yay: Crap.

    Good episode; definitely enjoyed it.
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  14. :lady:
  15. I'm just going to skip writing a long essay about it because I almost always mark at NXT shows. I found nothing about this episode I didn't like/love. Wishing best of luck to Zayn and hope he's a big success. I'm also warming up to Graves. There's hardly any tweeners anymore and he's pretty good at it. And of course, #Emmalution. :smug:
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