NXT 5/29/13

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  2. Cant get a link that isnt private, It doesnt work, Sorry.
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    Thanks Adam and Seabs! Been waiting for this one.

    Shoot, it's not downloadable. :downer:
  4. Okay episode this week. Nothing really amazing but it tends to be that way with the last episode of the tapings. Still a good show, but it was obvious people were getting tired.

    Pretty good tag match at the start. The Wyatt family are beasts and ran over the rookies. Emma had a good but short match with Audrey Marie which showcased her skills in the ring and how over she is. Also we get the start of the women's title tournament next week (smart move on the name Steph).

    I like this new tag team of Garrett Dylan and Scott Dawson with Sylvester Lefort (Formerly Tom Laruffa on the independents). They had a good look and gimmick going for them and were good in the ring. Nice tag finisher as well. They can be a good addition and pretty big guys on NXT once the cream of the crop goes north.

    The Bateman vs Big E match was not good, if that was how motivated Bateman was to work I can understand him being let go. Getting back on the independents will be good for him. The battle royal was entertaining. Mason Ryan was on a mission right there. I said it last week but he seems much more fluid and at home in the ring now. Doing things I didn't expect of him before (choking someone towards the top turnbuckle with his foot). Neville getting the two big upsets built him up good and set up the Bo Dallas ending well.

    Good episode, just suffered from general end of taping tiredness.
  5. I'm hating Bo Dallas less and less. He's still not too great, but his match with Neville was great. I think he has the Cena complex. People hate him, but when faced with the right opponent, the feud can be great. They're also doing a great job turning him heel.

    Personally, I would love Emma to be the very first NXT Women's champ, but more than likely they're going with Paige. :meh:
  6. Just finished this. Ending reminded me of this:

    Episode felt like a 4/10 Impact, not great on it's own merits but progressed stories nicely, giving us more to look forward to in the future.
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