NXT 6/12: A Bo-ring #1 Contender

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. My apologies to all the Dallas marks who are offended by the ti... Oh yeah, there are no Dallas marks. Carry on.

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  2. I'll post a full write up once I have finished it. But now: My reaction to Bayley

    She's bloody adorable!
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  3. Full run down:

    Sami Zayn Vs Antonio Cesaro: 10/10

    I loved this match, Cesaro was showing quite a bit of aggression which added a lot of emotion to the match, Zayn worked well as always and seems to be adapting well to the WWE ring, arena and wrestlers so I wouldnt be surprised if he is called up pretty quick. Cesaro played his heel role well especially at the end when he slaped Zayn. Overall the match was a mark moment and was awesome, Kept me on the edge of my seat through out.

    Tag Team Match: 7/10

    Was good but wasnt as entertaining as Zayn Vs Cesaro, It was decent for the guys working and Ive seen improvement. It wasnt a bad match just wast great.

    Womens Match: 7/10

    Again not great but good, I dont understand why they didnt put Bayley over as Fox is already working the main roster. Fox's heel role isnt going down well for me and seems a bit generic.

    Bo Dallas Vs Big E Langston: 5/10

    This match was really meh and boring, I still dont understand why Dallas had to win, I wish they just kept the title on Langston till Ohno, Wyatt or Neville have finished their feuds and gave it to one of them but they went with Bo Fucking Dallas.
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  4. Pretty good episode this week.

    Cesaro vs Zayn 2 was a really good match. Technical, physical and aggressive from both men who showed off their superb skills in ring. This rivalry is far from over.

    The Roughnecks are becoming favorites of mine. They seem to have their gimmicks down to a tee and are working well as a team of aggressive rednecks out to earn big money. Lefort is also an exciting and fun guy to have beside them.

    I'm in f'n love with Bayley. Absolutely adorable. Should have gone over Alicia but you can't win all the time.

    Pretty good main event. Best match Bo has ever had. And Big E can really go for a man of his size and bulk. They also protected Big E's undefeated streak with how he was beat though I don't think that Dallas was the right guy to end it.

    Overall a very enjoyable episode of NXT.
  5. Solid Episode but god dammit Bo. That ending of that match was so poor. Either way, that Zayn vs Cesaro match was awesome. Bo gets more boo's than he ever does cheers.
  6. Which is why he is turning heel.
  7. According to a PWI recap we missed a seemingly good segment:

  8. Him having the character of being an obnoxious WWE superface to get heel heat is absolutely brilliant! (Assuming that's what they're doing)

    The commentary is playing it perfectly. "Bo Dallas won't quit! This young, hungry superstar has all the odds stacked against him!" Outside of the one comment from Regal about him not being a hometown favorite this is being done masterfully, even if it's unintentional heel heat.
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  9. Dylan and Dawson remind me so much of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.... If they got lost in the south.
  10. Awesome opener, this feud is great. Love to see characters, and the Rednecks along with LeFort is a very nice mix of them. Speaking of characters, finding something for Bayley is great, loved her gimmick as well. And I'll say it again, Bo's heel gimmick of being a superface is awesome, they got me to enjoy watching the guy. And how quickly did they make the transition? This was a nice one by HHH/Dusty/whoever.
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  11. :yay: NXT!

    Seeing El Ge..... Zayn come out right away just does my heart good and makes for a very happy Nazi. The guy is fantastic. Wonderful match between him and Cesaro. Both did such a great job in it, and it had good spots. Way to go for both of them, and of course to me it was the best match of the show. Nicely done. Loving the rivalry they've got going.

    Tag team match -- trailer park brothers? From Tennessee? With barbecue sauce? :gusta: I was checking out Corbin's tats trying to see what they were, but then got sidetracked with trailer park brothers with JR's BBQ sauce hailing from Tennessee. :haha: Wait, this dude's butt reads "TT"...... He has "tee-tee" on his butt. Someone should reconsider his gear. Oh yeah, wrestling. Pretty decent match. Way to go, BBQ Brothers.

    CM Punk! :yay:

    Hey look, chicks! Bayley seems so bright and happy. Stop it. :tough: Apparently messing up her hair gets Bayley all riled up. Good to see her fighting back now.

    Big E vs. Bo..... to skip or not to skip..... :hmm: Ah, heck with it, I'll watch it. So much hatred for Bo, haha, nice. Damn, Big E has nice side boob. Good for you, buddy! I wonder how often he sits and plays with his own tits. Big E's got a problem with geeks? How dare you, sir. :kratos: "Big E.... refusing to go down." One more reason not to like him. :haha: Craaaap he lost. Screw you, Bo.

    Overall good episode. :obama: Thanks for posting!
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  12. It baffles me how incredible NXT is as a developmental product. It's by far the best wrestling show in WWE, and it often rivals TNA for rating of the week. I very rarely see NXT get lower than 7's. Weird considering how diabolical NXT was after season 1. Those in charge are doing such a fantastic job. If only such commitment could be put on their main shows, shows which aren't designed to develop talent, but to showcase it -.-.
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  13. NXT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Impact
  14. Recently, I agree.
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  15. Who is this Bo-Ring guy? He didn't become #1 Contender, that shitface Bo Dallas did.
  16. The main strength to Impact right now (consistency) NXT does a better job of than TNA. It's a guaranteed solid-to-great show every week with virtually no filler crap or Hogan.
    There's a lot of variety and very little wasted time. Start off with a well-built (fan-freaking-tastic) rematch. Next segment: Showcase a new tag team! Next segment: Divas' tournament. Next segment: Fairly well hyped title match. Variety. Consistency.

    Maybe it's the lack of being able to smart-mark the hell out of it. Maybe it's because it's a self-contained show and it feels like a hyped-up TV match instead of a lackluster PPV match, but the NXT Title matches always get me pumped, even though Big E doesn't do that much for me (unless he's in a long match) and Bo Dallas is the master of X-Pac Heat. (Wonder if when he said "I don't know what to say", that was a cue :haha:)

    But the booking... oh, boy, the booking. Cesaro was a boss at playing a big bully character, especially for someone his size. He got a lot of offense in, but they really put over Zayn's toughness. Cesaro gets the win, but poor wittle ol' Zayn looked so good in defeat here that both men got put over in one segment. Then there's a squash, but since the Trailer Park Boys are debuting that's fine, and the simple dynamic of sticking that hilarious French manager with him that doesn't belong at all makes the act really compelling. Then Bayley does a great job of playing up the happy-go-lucky upstart babyface to remind the fans that Alicia's a heel, so next round when Paige defeats her (not a spoiler, just an assumption) she'll beat a jerk AND a former Divas' champion for whatever that's worth. Then the main event solidified Bo's heel turn and let Big E move on from NXT.

    WHY CAN YOU NOT DO THIS ON RAW? IT'S EASY! Just hope they don't touch the Dallas character, this is gold.
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  17. Why are people trying to compare NXT to other shows? It is entirely different and a lot easier to put on an entertaining weekly show in that format as opposed to a show consisting of guys on the main roster on actual tv building towards PPVs
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  18. It has begun...
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  19. Bo's title win must have been the worst reaction I have seen for a title change in a long long time. The crowd literally turned their back on him the moment he got the 3 count.
  20. Is it just me who thinks what they're doing with Bo is genius? Sure, he sucks in every way possible and he's so stupid but I can't help but laugh at him sometimes. Bo after winning the title: "I don't know what to say but I'M GOIN' TO DISNEY WORLD WOOOOOO!!!" He's so stupid that it makes me chuckle (sort of like Brad Maddox), lmao.

    There literally wasn't a single cheer once Bo held the title. He was boo'd so bad and Bo was completely oblivious to it. He still thinks he's NXT top face and he's turning even more of a heel every episode. He's like a variation of Cena and I personally think it's brilliant.

    Also, Bayley ftw. Why are they making all these NXT women so damn adorable? I'm hoping for a Bayley and Emma feud, that'd be hilarious. :dawg:
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