NXT 6/19/13 - It's morphing time!

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    Another week, another episode of NXT.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Bray vs Neville was an okay match considering the length and what went on. It was a short affair but commentary set it up well, recapping the feud and how every member of the segment fit together. It also helped set up the main event.

    Sami Zayn vs Angelo Dawkins was an okay match. Dawkins has little wrestling experience but Zayn makes up for that and it was just a short squash to set Zayn up for the eventual rematch with Cesaro. Dawkins showed that he is athletic so with more ring experience he might be okay.

    Summer vs Sasha was a good divas match as part of the title tournament. Both women played their parts well, Summer as the arrogant heel and Sasha as the never say die babyface. Very athletic divas match. Summer's got a new finisher as well which is good, she had a problem hitting her old one and this one showcases her long legs. Right diva went over.

    Xavier Woods cuts a promo before his match with Jake Carter. I liked Woods before this since he seems like a charismatic guy who is good in the ring. But I love him after all the pop culture references in his promo and character, we saw 90's & 80's music references, the simpsons and multiple Power Rangers references.
    The match was also good but short, a typical squash to put Woods over. Hopefully we will see more of him now.

    Backstage interview with Zayn talking about wanting a rematch with Cesaro. Good promo, he puts the feud and his opponent over. Sets up the rubber match well and sells the animosity.

    Backstager with Dusty and the Roughnecks. I like this team and I like the manager. Them getting more screen time is good, especially since the Family is main roster bound. Smart of NXT to restock on characters. Next weeks tag #1 contenders match should be good as well.

    There's a short vignette for Kruger as well as they look to re insert the big game hunter/mercenary. I love this character. Kruger has it down to a T and he sells it well. Looking forward to seeing him back.

    Bo cuts a promo in his car on the way back from Disney world. His "heel who thinks he's a face" character is working wonders for him. Best promo he's ever cut. Not often I have heels I want to see beat up.

    Good main event six man tag between the family and Ohno, Graves & Neville. Both teams came up strong and every wrestler was showcased. The right team went over as well to establish further dominance.

    Not the most eventful episode but still good quality. Seeds were planted for the future with reintroduction or introduction of new characters and feuds were continued.

    Another good round of NXT all in all.
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  2. Agreed about everything besides the divas match and Sylvester and the Roughnecks. Summer vs. Sasha was okay, but it was really sloppy towards the end there. I like both wrestlers, but that wasn't their best match. Also, Sylvester and the Roughnecks are just really weird to me, lmao. They're pretty good as wrestlers, don't get me wrong, but it's such a weird dynamic. Rednecks being managed by some really charismatic foreign guy. Idk. :dawg:
  3. I thought Tony explained why he is managing them pretty well last week. It was something around the line of Lefort seeing them fight in a bar fight at a country music festival or something like that and seeing money in their brawling. Thus he signed them and paid for their wrestling training and got them signed to NXT. Since the pay off would be great once they reached the top.

    Or something like that.
  4. Liked that episode better than last weeks. That Bo promo was extremely painful, really hoping that damn extreme face attitude is a gimmick. Either way, I enjoyed the Divas match and I'm hoping Summer wins the whole thing.
  5. [​IMG]
    Tit slaps!
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  6. Lol, of course it is. I find it hard to not see it. He's becoming arrogant as hell and he's slowly turning into full heel. What they're doing is quite brilliant, really.

    Also, personally, I really love Emma wins, but we all know it's going to be Paige.
  7. I've never hated a superstar's character more than I have with Bo Dallas, so it definitely is genius. I'm a fan of Emma as well, unfortunately I agree with you that it'll be Paige. She'd be my 3rd choice.
  8. I see Summer picking up the belt. She's the woman carrying the division despite popular belief that it is Paige.
    You're only as good as your best villain and Summer is the top diva heel. also the diva with the most air time.
  9. Did he really say "Don't stop bo-lieving!"? :lol1:
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  10. He didn't just say it, he down right sang it :lol1:
  11. Xavier woods looks like a jacked up version of Farooq to me.
  12. He's more Dat Kid if anything.
  13. racist.
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