NXT 6/26: Popping your Troubles like Bubbles

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Enjoy! :otunga:
  2. Didn't really enjoy this episode anywhere near as much as some NXT episodes, but I still admire the incredible amount of variety in each show. The gimmicks just keep coming and the show is enjoyable because of those. This episode made the tag-team division down there look like gold. So many contenders, so many teams, all different due to gimmicks. Wyatt looks and acts like a complete star, he really is the shining light down there atm, and I've not been this hyped for a debut since Ambrose.
  3. Concur with Crayo since I'm too lazy to type up my full opinion, lmao.

    Also, I still love Emma. I noticed she had an Emmalution shirt. I need to know where I can get it, pronto.
  4. Totally agree with Crayo as well, but can't help but drag out a post on and on forever... sigh. Fast forwarded through a Big E squash, assume I didn't miss anything. And people thought Ryback's squashes got stale/ Fast forward through BVD and thought "shoot, this could be the fastest I could get through a wrestling show!" Then they cut to Emma blowing bubbles and I immediately start cracking up. Don't know how she does it but the more and more random and absurd this character gets the more and more I love her. I want a shirt tooooooo. Oh, and she apparently has a sixth sense now, she knows when you're messing with her bubbles! KEEP AWAY FROM EMMA'S BUBBLES! Renee... she's watching you. She has eyes in the back of her head. In the shape of bubbles. :dawg: I'll stop. The match was nothing, but woot more Emma on our TV. Her match with Summer should be quite entertaining. See a lot of praise for Leo Kruger but he's simply not for me, not interested in that feud, but am interested in an Ascension revamp. Hope they get their old theme back. Miss that. Two more squashes before the main event which left me pleased and frustrated all at once, the tag script was extra frustrating since we haven't seen much from Ohno in a while, really miss him being spotlighted, but he just set up the hot tag to Corey. Bleh. Just realized how Corey's a tattooed stick figure. The Trailer Park Boys continue to play their roles just fine, they kinda remind me of PTP where they're "just guys" in the ring, nothing special but not bad, but the characters make them work. Then to the surprise of no one the show immediately climaxes with the Wyatts running down to ringside, they have an entertaining brawl and apparently William Regal's in this feud now. Not sure how to feel about that. Anyway, could have been a much better episode but it was storyline pivotal and set up a lot of things for the future, yay, even though this really wasn't entertaining.
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  5. I'm just gonna type as I watch.
    -Holy shit Big E is amazing. Looks like he was feeding to the crowd, and I loved the 5 count he did. Emma with the bubble machine thing was gold hahahah. Never knew she had an accent. She was very over during that entrance. My god she's amazing. Crazy submission move she used, not only is she charismatic but she's great in that ring. Now I won't know who to root for between Summer and Emma. Leo Kruger was pretty boss. Obvious Bo win there. Hell yea Corey and Kassius won. Those goons working with the Wyatt family. Poor Regal. This episode definitely not as great as the others, but it was still pretty enjoyable.
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  6. I liked this episode. Story was pushed forward and the matches were okay - good.
  7. I see my man Bo, I'm in.
  8. It was a nice episode to watch. Emma was great, Regal vs Wyatt down the line seems like a good match. Dallas got the crowd cheering a jobber, they hate his guts lol. Let's see how things go with Kruger. Ascension return is also awesome.
  9. I seriously cant stand that fucking dance.
  10. I used to be like that, but it has seriously grown on me.
  11. Ohno has some serious love handles.
  12. People actually enjoy Emma? I thought that was a running IWC joke.
  13. Trying to follow in Regal's footsteps.
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  14. Speaking of Regal, what was with his involvement?
  15. Ohno apologized and showed his respect before the Wyatts beat him down, so Ohno and Regal are friends now.

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  16. The type of logic I hate. I was hoping HHH would eradicate that.
  17. But Regal ran in when Ohno was brawling along with Graves and Neville, wasn't it? Also, didn't he only run down when Dawson got into the fight? I don't think that confirms that he ran in to help KO (although I didn't read any spoilers so I may be missing out on something).
  18. You're right. Ohno, Graves, and Neville got the upper hand on the Wyatts and the Trailer Park Boys put the odds back in the Wyatts' favor, so it was 5-on-3 so Regal came down to try to make the save and got beat down for it.

    The thing is with the tag match next week, Corey and Kassius will probably have Neville nearby to counter-balance Bray, given that he isn't far behind anyway.
    Maybe they can do something with Regal to put even more heat on the Wyatts, but I don't see any reason why the faces need Regal to help them.
    Maybe I'm just overthinking this as always... dammit, that's supposed to stay in the TNA section...
  19. I was also surprised with Regal interfering, trying to figure out where it'll go. The first thought that came to mind was Wyatt vs Regal actually, sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Kassius wasn't at the latest tapings at all. Neville and Graves won the tag belts. I smell repackaging or a call up or injury.
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