NXT 6/5: Team Oh No

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Here you go peeps, a fresh new edition of NXT, watch it now before it gets taken down in a flash of embarrassment.

    Bad puns and all
  2. Good episode this week. My one big complaint here was the placement of the Germany and Austria ad. Because every live report of the show (Pwinsider etc) reports that after the Conor O'Brien match ended Rick Victor came out and the formation of the new Ascension became official. So the placement of that ad ruined story. Otherwise very pleased with this episode.
  3. I liked the episode. I enjoy Bo Dallas in a way, but his mic skills need to improve.
  4. Par for the course episode on NXT, but look at what we got?

    A contract signing, a good Divas match, a couple of powerful squashes, backstage segments hyping the main event, backstage stuff to push the Zayn-Cesaro feud, and a really good tag match in the main event. The variety really stood out this week.

    Bo Dallas is really odd right now. It feels like he's a heel now, but he still has the same babyface character. Triple H, you REALLY know what we want, don't you? :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. Well, a heel having the gimmick of an annoying babyface is, you know. Awesome.
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  6. Yet another good episode. NXT is the only show I really care to keep with nowadays. I didn't even watch the last RAW, lmao.

    My only thing is the most of the Divas title matches are so predictable, lmao. I took a screenshot of the list of matches:


    Paige will win over Tamina
    I'm not sure who's gonna win since that rumor of Bayley possibly being with the Wyatt Family but if not it's definitely Alicia Fox
    Which won't matter since Paige will win anyway
    Summer will win over Sasha
    Emma will win over Aksana
    Since Summer is pushed already, she'll win over Emma
    Then it's back to Paige vs. Summer again, in which Paige will probably win.

    I'll bet anyone that's exactly how it goes :pity:
  7. Also Roman, please remember to use the thread prefixes, just to keep it organized and stuff. Thanks.
  8. Also marked for Zayn's Operation Ivy shirt. Dank stuff.

    Also give me Rick Victor god damnit!
  9. Markout moment of the night: Ohno wearing a Misawa shirt.
    Big show of respect to his dead mentor.
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