NXT 7/10: Tattoos, Coconuts, Sunshine, and Pi.

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Maybe instead of looking for random links on other sites, why not pay attention to the guy running around here? Great job, Big Hoss, you're a big boss.

    Here's the link to the show. Watching it now, will hopefully get a thread title up by the time ppl wake up.

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  2. Loved Regal just pointing out how Renee is lovely.
  3. Was gonna make this thread meself, but I really couldn't think of a clever thread title, ahaha.

    I absolutely marked at the fact that Emma won over Summer. I genuinely thought Summer was winning because of #WWELogic. Hoping their match is going to be the most GOAT match ever. (Still bitter about BLFFL spoiling the result though. :tough:) I'm also hoping Zayn wins #1 contender. His match this episode was really superb. :smug:
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    Haha, silly little episode, hard to find a clever thread title in here... But that'll do I suppose. :smug:

    Oh lord, Emma winning was shocking! First thought was "wow", then "Oh, if only Deathbane could have done a reaction gif, haha". Was that the first time she's had bubbles in her entrance? :dawg: Can't wait for that match next week. Should be great!

    Oh, and curse you KKFFL. :tough:

    Show Spoiler

    As for the rest of the review, this time actually serious:

    More I watch the main roster Divas, the more I realize that not only do they need the talent of the NXT Divas right now, but the characters. Between the legit heel tactics of Summer, the badassery of Paige, the randomness of Emma, and Sasha's quality work... these three cannot be called up soon enough. There's some untapped potential on the main roster too, but hopefully this is a sign that the future of the Divas' division looks bright. :yay: Now they just need better writing, and less Bella-ness.

    Oooh, interesting backstage segment between ol' gleeful Bayley and Charlotte. Lets see what Charlotte can do next week, shall we?

    Sami Zayn and Leo Kruger, ohhhhh Sami Zayn and Leo Kruger, this was beautiful. What a great match this was. And no, it wasn't just because of Sami Zayn (though he played a large part) but this was by far Leo Kruger's best performance I've seen. He was controlling the match and his offense ranged from efficient to downright devastating (holy cow that spinebuster!) and kept the match entertaining in between Sami's little hope spots. Kinda disappointed to see the former El Generico reduced to that, he's capable of so much more but plays this role so well. There towards the end when the action picked up it solidified this as one of the top 5 NXT matches thus far... seriously go out of your way to see this. Fantastic stuff!

    Have you ever actually started liking someone just because of the feud he's in? Like, you may not like a certain wrestler, but every time you see him you start marking because something really awesome is just around the corner? Oh holy crap Enzo Amore, you amazing human being... you make me giddy to see Mason Ryan of all people come out :dawg:. Dude is absolute gold. Made me all sad to see these guys job out to this goof again... so imagine my surprise when they actually picked up the flukish win! Yay! Woulda been great to see Enzo pick the mic back up and talk more trash, but still. Yay!

    Speaking of things improving, Neville's mic skills. And the more he gets to chat with Regal, the better. Great promo. And the Triple-Threat next week, I totally agree Zayn should definitely win. He looked great tonight (as did Kruger), and lets be honest. The easiest way to get Sami even more over with the NXT fans is to feud him with Bo Dallas.

    The main event... honestly, I didn't care for. The Wyatts are still fine workers, Adrian's hope spots looked great, you can't discredit the work here just the tag script. And the finish was silly and made Neville look like an idiot, but seeing Bray pick up a win on Regal was a pretty iconic moment.

    Overall, another good NXT. What a shock.
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  5. Ahaha yeah, I marked as well to see Charlotte. I read the thread about her being called up soon. Can't wait to see what she's got against Bayley next week. Hopefully Beyley won't get jobbed too bad.

    And yeah, I reckon that was the first time Emma came out with bubbles. Totally marked for them. When she makes it to the main roster, she should definitely keep it. It's definitely kid-friendly, though it may make her character be reduced to comic characters such as Brodus Clay. I think she gets kids to dance with her in the ring now as well.
  6. It wasn't the first time Emma came out to bubbles. She's done it at least two times before that I can think of.

    Another good episode this week.
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  7. Emma vs. Summer Rae: Was a below average bout, didn't impress me much, but the crowd absolutely love Emma, so it was awesome seeing that. I remember watching Lance Storm's World Of Hurt last year when she was in it, and I didn't think much of her, now I love her! 5/10

    Charlotte, Flair, Bayley and Dusty Rhodes backstage segment: We finally got to see Charlotte in NXT, and I like her look. She reminds me a lot of Stephanie Mcmahon I may add. I enjoyed Bayley's little act in this segment, I like her in general. 7/10

    Kruger vs. Zayn: Another great showing from Sami Zayn. Kruger looked pretty strong here too. Big fan of both men, and can't wait for next weeks number 1 contenders match with Cesaro. 8/10

    Backstage interview with Neville, Graves and Regal: To be honest, I hate the geordie accent, and I don't think much of Neville's promo work. Graves was OK given the little time he had, and Regal was just plain out brilliant during this whole segment. His facial expressions and his promo. That promo made me legit lol. Good stuff. 8/10

    Ryan vs. Amore and Big Cas: I think WWE have given up pushing Mason Ryan lol. I absolutely loved Amore's promo work before the match. Really witty stuff. The whole SAWFT thing is amazing, and to be honest, you can get the NXT crowd to chant absolutely anything. Can't really rate the match, but for the promo I'll give an 8/10

    Neville, Graves and Regal vs. The Wyatt's: Really impressive match, and I liked Wyatt's promo beforehand. The Wyatts' psychology in-ring and promo-wise is second to none IMO. I also loved how the crowd did that Luke Harper thing ''yeeeeeeee''. Match of the night, and stellar performance by all men.
  8. Alrighty, thanks for the clarification on that. :obama:
  9. The August tapings are gonna give us the best NXT match ever apparently. Zayn vs Cesaro 2 out of 3 falls. Said to be match of the year contender if not match of the year :obama:
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  10. Ah! I thought that too! She did look a bit like her.
  11. Good episode. Loved Regal's promo.
  12. Stay down, Crayo. :tough:
  13. Loved Regal's promo as well. Nice show.
  14. Now that I'm not sleepy and I see Rain came up with a title (nice work btw), let's see. Emma/Summer was an alright match, really surprised Emma won, would've been great to watch the finals hadn't it been spoiled (ffs still pissed at that), segment with Bayley marking out at Dusty and Flair was awesome, love her new character. Looking forward to Charlotte's debut as well. Kruger/Zayn was good, would've been more pumped for the triple threat if another gentleman who doesn't even watch NXT but gladly reads spoilers and does the favor of spoiling it for me hadn't done that, but still. Backstage interview with Regal/Neville/Graves was great as well, Regal always delivers. Marked for Enzo and Cass beating the guy who can't even get a reaction in NXT, Enzo is the best seriously. ME was pretty good and Regal put the young guy over well although Harper botched getting the Trembler, but alright. A fine episode.
  15. I am not reading posts since I haven't watched yet, but .......... dammit, what happened to NXT being posted yesterday? :upset: Oh you evil Rainman you. Now this awesomeness is out there taunting me with its greatness and I can't even watch it until next week! :why:

    OK, carry on. :otunga:
  16. I couldn't find it yesterday... :downer: Woulda tagged if it wasn't, you... uhh, may or may not like this episode? No reason to get all excited, yay?

    But still, people made statuses about it :tough: They coulda posted it!

  17. :notsure: if joking to make me feel better or if serious. Wait.... was it really not that good of an episode? :okay:
  18. Indeed haha.
  19. Regal's, Grave's, and Neville's promo together was epic. Solid episode.
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