NXT 7/3: El SAWFTio

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Lady Deathbane, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. The New Ascension is far more badass and way more efficient from an in ring standpoint. Unfortunately, there's no space for them in the NXT Tag Title division, but they'll get their chance.

    Seriously though, Enzo Amore? :ksi:
  2. Solid episode. The fact that Bo beat Cesaro disgusts me though. Other than that, happy with Paige winning and the Ascension were badass.
  3. Bo-lievers. :facepalm1: His smile is both contagious and annoying all at the same time. :yay:

    Way to go, Paige. Although her frequent hand-at-mouth thing grated on my nerves.

    O'Brian is such a beast in person.

    Wyatt!!! :yay: Sawft squash match.

    Cesaro!! :win: Good ole' oblivious Bo. :haha:

    No Zayn. :okay: Wait, there he is!!!!! :yay: Looking forward to him vs. Kruger next week.

    Overall good, solid episode. :obama:
  5. Alright, lets sit down, strap in (or strap on, whichever you prefer), watch this, and fish for likes.

    Show Spoiler
    ]Hey, the cute little girl's welcoming us today with a smile. 30 seconds in and they've already earned brownie points, oh wait we're starting the show with Bo? Brownie points rejected. :tough: Hahaha Bo's the ultimate buzzkill. Haha, even she thinks that Bo-lievers is terrible, *Smiles* I got to meet Bret Hart! I had a match at Wrestlemania... Axxess! Bo Dallas is Lil' Wayne playing the guitar in wrestler form. Oh, so Cesaro gets to carry this guy tonight? That's cool. Hahaha, Cesaro's using the "No More Bo" catchphrase against him? Can't beat awareness like that. "He'll never forget the name Bo Dallas!" Neither will anyone else, it's terrible. Next!

    Regal on commentary tonight! Instant bonus to each show, mainly due to the lack of Maddox. Anyone remember when Alicia Fox was Divas' Champion? Me neither. PAIGE! :gusta: Should be a really good match by Divas standards. "We Want Emma" chants :dawg: Holy crap Deathbane must be loving this crowd tonight, and hey if nobody else wants you Paige you're stuck with me. See Dolph's? Stiff shots, chain wrestling, is this still WWE? That bridging suplex by Fox looked terrible but at least she's trying one. Paige you vicious little babe, trapping her head against the ropes like that, wonder what else she can do? Dropkick by Fox! Forgot she was so athletic, Paigeturner, anyone else miss the Cradle DDT? What happened to that. Paige advances, this is just setting up Paige and Summer and we all know it, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that.

    Who's this jobber, looks like someone stuck Riley and Cesaro in a blender. Who's he jobbing to? The old Ascension theme is back! :win: Marking! So they did get Rick Victor to play the Kenneth Cameron role? Sweet. So much potential for these guys. Andy Baker's looking more and more like Bad Luck Bryan the more this blue lighting stays up. These guys are so dark that the fans are getting behind a jobber, that's Bo Dallas level heat right there. O'Brien is such a beast, he could be an amazing talent if his name didn't sound like a late-night comedian. Little jobber dude looks fine for his little role, and did he seriously just use the Atomic Leg Drop? Looked just like Hogan's lmao. The Ascension is rising.

    Oh, so Kassius is gone for now? Regal's interference will be welcome then :win: Yeah, Chris Hero has fallen that far that he's getting in Regal's way. Never been so happy with a "WHAT" chant as with Sylvester LaFort since I seriously can't tell what the fk this guy's saying. This crowd's pretty awesome, and here's one of the Barbecue Pit Shop Boys ready for action, that's fine. Dawson looks like a mini Larry the Cable Guy being a bouncer moonlighting as a Nascar driver. Consequences! Dat Kid in the house! Morphin' Time baby. This guy's got more charisma in his beard than Brodus and Tensai have in their two-ton bodies. Morph chants. Whew, a rest hold, can't type while Xavier on the offense. *Phew smiley* Odd to see him struggle to pick up Dawson though, figured he was stronger than that. Damn that fall to the outside was sick, Dawson's a stiff bastard. How cool would it be to see Woods clap more in the ring, rhythmically hitting moves? IT'S MORPHIN TIME! Call this guy up, that was damn impressive.

    "All that'll be left are chunks of meat stuck to the teeth of the eater of worlds..." Enzo Amore's back! Badabing, badaboom, most entertaining guy in the room. And pretty real, too. After James Gandolfini died this is mcuh different... SAWFT SOFT! :lol1: Dying. This dude's gold, is he jobbing to Mason again? Nooooo... LOL ONE PUNCH KNOCKOUT! Hahahahahahaha! Haven't laughed this hard at wrasslin' in a while. Oh, another squash for Ryan? Impressive to pick up that guy. With Crimson being available/Ryback and Big E running around see no reason to keep this noob around, or in other words, he ain't a real G.

    Fuck RVD, main even time. Man, Bo Dallas is getting more and more like Cena every week. Crowd erupts in solid boos and the commentary puts him over as "controversial". No biatch! Hey he's improving, he actually held the title right side up this week. Eater of Donuts sign lmao, everyone loves Cesaro tonight, Bolievers my ass haha. Commentary "He's inspired by John Cena", and the 3 people who like this guy are really trying hard. "Lets go Bo-ooooo!" Match is nothing so far. Something funny about bored Europeans talking up Tim Tebow during matches. I'm not a Cesaro fan but he makes you say "DAMN!" more than anyone else, Farooq style. And we cut away to Ziggler being the best in the world at PSA's, now back to this European crowd trashing Bo some more. This is hilarious. Cesaro's like "why fight it, they want one more boot? Fuck that! Headlock!" Lmao. Match is picking up, and damn you Bo for stealing Paige's yell. How dare you. *Tough smiley* That Gutwrench off the top rope was sick! Twisty chinlock reversed into a rollup, Bo should use more rollups since he can pass as a Diva anyway. Damn, what an armdrag! How did Bo do that! That was almost Garett Bischoff quality. Bounce off Kruger for the dirty win after all that? Oh hell no! WEAK! What a match with such a weak finish, as the Thousand Years of Darkness continue and the cameraman doesn't zoom up so Bo can't botch holding up the belt again. Where's Sami since Nazi just spoiled it earlier... There he is! *Yay smiley* Someone get him a new theme. The crowd's singing a good idea, Ole, ole ole ole. Would have been a great way to get Zayn over if Bo wasn't such a heat magnet.

    This was really entertaining. One of the most entertaining NXT's in a while.
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  6. It was a great episode. Loved seeing how over Xavier is, enjoying Sylvester/Redneck Brainbusters, Enzo was great again, Bo did his thing and it's awesome these days (gotta love the heat he gets), new Ascension, a solid women's match, also loved the promo format for Wyatt. NXT still great to watch.

  7. Sorry, sorry!! :lol1: Didn't mean to spoil anything. I figured no one would read all those posts until they watched the show, haha. I do miss his old theme as Generico. :okay: Coming out to "Ole" by Bouncing Souls was just so much better, in my opinion.
  8. Really enjoyed this episode. Every segment was good.
  9. The title is SAWFT ffs :aries:

    But I really enjoyed this one as well. Summer vs. Emma will keep me at the edge of my seat next week. I personally really hope Emma wins, but likelyness that Summer will and will re-fuel Summer and Paige's feud. :meh:

  10. You're #sawft! I'm a certified G ... And you can't teach THAT!!
  11. Gotta give the crowd a shout out for the main event. That crowd is treating Bo like he was Cena at one night stand. Absolutely hating him and turning their backs to him. I haven't seen a crowd cheer like wild animals for two heels mauling and brutally beating a babyface like that in a long time.
  12. The crowd reaction when Kruger and Cesaro decided to team up on NXT was amazing!
  13. Your signature is fucking goat, bro. <333
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  14. Yeah, we're seeing the similarities all over the place... getting the most heel heat on the show despite being the top babyface? Check. Hitting a few low-impact moves before your weak ass finisher? Check. Coming out to obnoxiously mainstream music? Check, have a nondescript character that does nothing but smile all the time like nothing in this world can bother him, check, getting a bunch of corny ass lines from the writers...

    Holy shit, they're really gonna make this guy a main eventer aren't they?
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  15. Yeah, it seems they're just trying to actually make us like Bo for when he becomes a main eventer with the same gimmick but being a face instead of a heel. Man they're getting us.
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