NXT 8/7: Title Matches with a side of Emma-tainment

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    Can Stop or Lady add the witty thread title? Gotta run. Will try to watch and post thoughts and other crap later:


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  2. I was just about to make this! :upset:

    Watching now. :happy:
  3. How people can say that Bo Dallas is shit after that legendary promo I don't know.
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  4. Because he isn't that charismatic?
  5. Every time I watch Neville fighting I imagine him fighting against Sabin and Barreta for the X-Division title....

  6. He called Cesaro and Zayn kids, you can't teach that shit. Stop being a non-boliever and hop on the bandwagon.
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  7. TNA would have been a big step back for Neville. Hell, he took a pay cut going to WWE compared to what he made in Japan. Had he gone to TNA he would have taken a even bigger pay cut most likely.
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    Loved how Neville pretty much had Ambrose beat, and also it's just so great to see Bo's matches because the crowd hates him so bad and cheers every time he's hit. This is awesome.
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  9. I know. It's just what I think about when I see Neville. I hope he gets some pushes and a world title reign in the future. I personally think that high-flyers are underrated tbh.
  10. He's British. He's not getting a world title.
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  11. Neville's a boss until a microphone is put in front of him. That Geordie accent is fucking dreadful, doesn't suit his character at all either.
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  12. TBF his promo last week was better than expected. but yeah, his accent will be a major stepping stone for him to get around.
  13. Doesn't matter if he's Brtish or not imo. Sheamus is Irish and was WWE and WH Champion so I don't think that matters tbh. Actually his mic skills aren't good if we're honest, but he can have a world title run imo.
  14. Okay so why didnt Bulldog, Regal and others get world titles? Brits dont get world titles.
  15. His nationality indeed shouldn't matter but. But somehow it does. I can think of one English wrestler who has held a major American world title, and that is Nigel McGuinness. TNA hasn't had a English world champion, the WWE most certainly hasn't despite having had Regal, Dynamite Kid, British Bulldog, Wade Barrett and many other prominent British names on the payroll throughout its history. I'd be surprised if the NWA has had an English world champ.

    And Neville is not a big enough name or act to change this.
  16. Bulldog? He was a midcard act and it was plain to see, Regal whilst a great talent was only really fitting in the world title scene in 08 before he got busted for roids and lost his push. Being British isn't a stigma we just don't produce the sheer amount of wrestlers America / Canada do.
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  17. Regal and Barrett are the only two who could have held titles, Regal was going to in all likelyness before failing a wellness test and Wade is just a victim of bad booking which has happened to countless Americans such as Daniel Bryan, Ryback, CM Punk pre2011 and more. This entire argument is nearly as flawed as that idiotic racist against black one.
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  18. Now on a different subject. Remember when Eve did the whole get photographed by a photographer thing after beating her opponents?

    Breeze takes it up a notch:
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  19. Loved what Eve did, this is just a cheap copy. Eve>Breeze (may I'm the one who thinks this, but you'll have to deal with it, I'm a beliEVEr)
  20. that is fucking awesome.
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