NXT 9-11-13: Snoop Dogg's Cousin is SAWFT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Lady Deathbane, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Season 7, Episode 1
    More to come...

  2. I hate those Dawson guys, So fucking annoying, They are ok in ring.
  3. Someone please changed the title if you think of a better one. This one's so horrible LOL
  4. I am pretty sure Hulu got who defeated Sasha in the tournament wrong. I am pretty sure it was Summer Rae who defeated her. Because I remember her slapping Summer in the face and going Gohan.
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  5. Bada boom realest jobber in tha room
  6. Yeah, I'm not into that tag-team either, but Sylvester Lefort is awesome though. He's making dat MONAAAAY!!!

  7. He's possibly the funniest jobber ever, though. I think he even surpasses Slater for that status. :obama:
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  8. I can agree with that honestly, His promos are just funny and I can't help but mark out when he says "SAWFT!"
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  9. Thoughts (open)
    This was a pretty good episode. I was honestly surprised that there was no Sami Zayn. Bo's segment was alright. I found myself laughing. Sasha vs Paige was good, It's great to see that NXT actually cares about Divas wrestling. The Heel Turn was expected, I loved the backstage segment with CJ and Tyler's attack. The opening tag match was a little slow, and the ending was bad. I loved the tag move though. I think that's it. Oh and also, I love the tags LDB. lol
  10. And the award for funnest crowd goes to: NXT for the crowd starting a group rendition of Queen's We will rock you accompanied by clapping.
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  11. Watching now, Enzo is pretty over
  12. That tag ending has to have been somewhat botched.
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  13. Watched it, entertained as usual.
  14. It seemed like there was quite a bit of that match that was botched, including the ending. I noticed at the beginning Rusev tried to hand what he wears to the ring to the ref , like he ALWAYS DOES, and the ref just fucking looked at him weird and shook his head. What!? Rusev handled it well though, using it to kneel on while he did his schtick. If anything, I think the ref fucked that match up hard. Maybe he's new?

    And I find Enzo entertaining in an annoying way. S-A-W-F-T......SAWFT!

    I still need to watch the rest of the episode though
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