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    Season 7, Episode 187

  2. sorry for it being so late guys. i completely forgot :sad:
  3. I actually make the NXT threads at school and have a file in my USB of the codes used in this thread :lol1:

  4. Sami vs Hawkins was another good bout between the two. Longer than their original one and Sami was much more serious than in the original one.

    Main event was a good one were everyone got a chance to shine. Breeze's antics were real heel magnets this time. Still not a fan of Parker but he is a solid worker in ring.

    And as for Aiden English, I have this to say:
    You glorious bastard.

    Tom Phillips has also gotten much better on commentary since he started. I used to not like him at all. But he is much better now.
    Enjoyable episode in my book. Stories were advanced and people were re-introduced.
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  5. This was a great episode. I liked the commentary team. Aiden English was just... yeah. But I enjoyed that a lot. The opening match was good. especially the Yakuza kick. The Main Event was a great match. I loved how Tyler Breeze was sooo over. lol. Oh and #BoDallasHotline.
  6. Aiden getting over instantly was glorious, as Stop put it. Loved it. The main event, when announced, kinda reminded me of those Raw main events when EVERY week there was some tag or 6-man tag to main event the show, but it was so much better, for two reasons: first, when they do this on NXT it's very rare and it feels special, as it should. And secondly, it wasn't just heels dominating all the time, there was a back story with Breeze tagging and all (which was very awesome in itself, too), so yeah, good episode. Zayn vs Hawkins was a pretty good opener as well.
  7. Great episode all in all tonight. I was thrilled to see Zayn on the show this week, and he had such a great match with Hawkins. Fantastic way to open the show. Bo was as lovably hate-able as always. Enjoyed seeing Marshall on the show, even though it was a squash match and he had such a jobber's entrance. Was interesting seeing Aiden with his whole "artiste" gimmick. Great main event, as well, though it was hard to cheer for one particular team since I liked members of each. But yeah, great episode this week. Looking forward to next week's!
  8. I'd love to be a kayfabe fly on the wall in the NXT locker room. This show is so random! :dawg: There's dark forces from the great beyond, male modls, hippies, nerds stuck in the 90's, overblown Jersey stereotypes in cheetah outfits, angry jungle hunters, Sylvester Lefort and his group of mismatched oddities, whatever Emma is, and now a singing albino lumberjack. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    Would go into my thoughts but GN just said it all. Thanks, sis!
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  9. Anytime, bro. :otunga:
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