NXT 9/19

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtqpfk_bollyrulez-net-wwe-nxt-9-19-2012-19th-september-2012-hq-watch-online_sport?search_algo=2[/video]

    Here ya go guys! :otunga:
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  2. Thanks for the share, I'm watching now. I see Ascension.
  3. Awesome episode. Connor O'Brian is a fucking boss. I LOVE Rollins. Nice work from Hero, though he's feuding with Richie -.-.
  4. Nice episode, no complaints other than not getting the epic one-liner from Regal during the Johnny Curtis match, and Leo Kruger still being employed.

    That Rick Victor dude has so much potential as a heel, he was the star of this show.
  5. Meh I'm not a fan of Rick Victor at all personally. I wish they go down the road of Rollins vs Hero feud.
  6. He's obviously green and the backstage segments were cringeworthy, but he can work on that. He just had this aura of a despicable person if you will.

    Rollins vs Hero is the obvious choice. Too much talent and too much of a spotlight for it not to happen.
  7. SO glad you posted this, since it reminded me I need to go back and watch last week's episode. Thanks! I'll have to check it out after work and before IMPACT. :win:
  8. Victor works so well as a heel. One of the last FCW heavyweight champions as well. He won it of Rollins at a live show if I remember. Really liked him in the ring.
  9. All I saw was a decent heel pose, which is pretty generic now. I think McGillicuty (refuse to spell that) is a way better heel personally. His segment was great. I would attach a beer drinking gimmick to him for some reason. Have him be the beer drinking asshole that takes the piss out of everyone.

    Much better to watch in the ring too. I so hope Rollins vs Victor doesn't continue.
  10. The pose was lame, but his mannerisms in the ring and the way he sold everything was nice. He's got the little things in the ring down, but part of it was surprise. Victor was awful in those backstage segments last week.

    Rollins vs Victor won't continue, this was just a handshake thing to help establish Rollins as champion.

    McHennig > him, and the beer-drinking idea is pretty awesome. WWE's heel James Storm? Sounds awesome.
  11. Exactly what I got the idea from. He reminded me of a Storm type character. I'm baffled by how much his promos have improved, I still remember the "Genesis of McHennig (thanks for that btw)" promo which was so so so bad.
  12. It was a great episode, watched it earlier. Really nice.

    I like that idea with McGillicutty and beer. If they want to get him away from his father's shadow and repackage him, it'd be a nice gimmick.
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