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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Lady Deathbane, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Season 7, Episode 188

  2. Obviously, the HHH thing is to re-assign the GM role. Won't spoil on who it is just in case people haven't seen/heard about who it is yet.
  3. You know what, I'm gonna ask this again. Who's everyone's favorites currently, superstars and/or women?

    Mine in no particular order are: Emma, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Enzo Amore, Bayley, Tyler Breeze, Corey Graves, CJ Parker, The Ascension, Xavier Woods, Charlotte and Paige.
  4. My favourites (In no order except Zayn and Ohno and Neville): Zayn, Ohno, Neville, Breeze (He won me over), Bo Dallas' gimmick, Paige, Soloman Crowe (Even though he hasn't made his debut Calihan is beast) and Oliver Grey ( I miss him)
  5. Graves, Parker, Woods, Zayn, Neville, Enzo, Dallas (because of his gimmick), Breeze, Emma, and Paige
  6. Mnes are: Zayn, Neville, Graves, CJ Parker, Paige, Summer Rae and Bo Dallas

  7. Zayn,Bayley,Breeze,Ohno,and, The Ascension.
  8. Bo Dallas and nobody comes close
  9. Love all the Bo love :lol1:

    Cena 2.0 ftw :woo1:
  10. His gimmick is just soo... great.
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  11. It is :obama:

    We chant No More Bo 'till we die! :angry:
  12. I loved the backstage segment from last week with the whole Bo Dallas Hotline thing. That was so funny. :obama:
  13. Dammit all. :downer: This thread is the bane of my existence. So tempting. So tantalizing. But I can't watch it yet.
    Feel like a kid on Christmas here. :dawg:

    Anywho, Sami and Emma 1-A and 1-B (Hi, Lady!), The Ascension 3 (Conor if you only have to pick 1), Aiden English already skyrocketed up to 4, goofy ass Xavier Woods #5. Banning Neville from the list because of his crappy new theme music. Seriously man, why'd you have to change that? :why:
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  14. I know, Faceless was soo good. :please:
  15. So that Scott Dawson's tag team partner got released and they are replacing him with this European guy? God I hate Dawson and his manager but the European guy is pretty cool, His Ziggler match was good.
  16. Very good episode. Awesome to know KO is back.
  17. One of the best things about NXT is that it's an easy one hour to quickly get through and enjoy. One of the worst? There's only one hour! :why:

    Anyway, the Tag Team Turmoil was fun because Enzo and Big Cass are fun. Sasha Banks is so much better as a heel. Aiden English >>>, the NXT crowd already loves Los Matadores based on the Ole chants, never a bad time to see El Local and Sami. And Bo can go back to Disneyworld and leave us alone!

    Everything on the show was good, but it felt Russo-y. The gauntlet was really rushed and would have preferred to see more from El Local and Sami instead of the 10 minutes of Triple H, but what can you do. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Okay, finally caught up and I must say that opening segment with Breeze and Parker is fucking gold LOL. I love them and how awesome they work with each other lmfaooo


  20. Aiden English is so ridiculously comfortable with his gimmick. It's so obvious that he is just a hyped up version of himself (He was a classically trained actor, singer, dancer and thespian before becoming a wrestler apparently).
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