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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Ed!, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. NXT Results (open)
    * Adam Rose came out with his party crew again. He defeated Danny Burch.

    * Bayley defeated Sasha Banks.

    * Mojo Rawley returns to action and defeated Sylvester Lefort. The crowd went nuts for Mojo. After the match, Brodus Clay came out and slammed Lefort.

    * Brodus stays in the ring and calls out NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Neville comes out. They cut promos on each other and Brodus leaves the ring while Neville stands his ground.

    * Neville wants fans to turn their backs on Bo Dallas when he comes out for his "occupy NXT" segment. This gets a "yes!" chant going in the crowd. Bo comes out and talks trash about Daniel Bryan's "occupy RAW" angle. He wants the fans to "occupy NXT" but the crowd turns their backs on him. General Manager JBL comes out and says Bo won't get a title shot but since he's ready to fight, he's got a match with Justin Gabriel.

    * Bo Dallas defeated Justin Gabriel.

    Match Card:
    Adam Rose Vs Danny Burch
    Bailey Vs Sasha Banks
    Mojo Rawley Vs Sylvester Lefort
  2. Seems decent strangely enjoy the Adam Rose character especially after people have compared it to a piss take out of Russel Brand.

    Like Mojo as well but boy does he need a better finisher than that arse thing.
  3. Couldn't agree more on the finisher. If it were me, I'd snag Jindrak's old finisher, the Mark of Excellence (Back Suplex Side Slam). I feel it is a shame we won't have the new divas champion Paige on NXT, damn tapings
  4. Yeah the tapings thing is a bit strange at times with ppl watching NXT on a more regular basis it leads to a few minor inconsistencies.
  5. That is what made Breaking Bad so good:

  6. Not sure why Rose is opening the card when he is being advertised on RAW & Main Event
  7. He was quite good, a little better in the ring than last week. Don't think he will ever main event NXT though
  8. Justin Gabriel being bumped back down to NXT annoys me. Good match with Bo, but he is a flop in the NXT Grads, at least Slater has an awesome theme tune
  9. Mojo's shoulder tackle in the corner really annoys me
  10. Anyone hear when Bailey came off the second rope, Peeping Albert (ala Byron Saxton) sounded like he was about to climax "get the cover...."
  11. Peeping Albert, wonder if that sticks with him next week. Could be the Lawler of NXT Commentary
  12. He's going senile?

    Seriously, though. It was an entertaining show. I also don't mind bumping guys back down into NXT (there's already been a decent amount of crossover between the two rosters, for what it's worth), but if this is a way to get some work on their gimmicks (Gabriel) and in the ring (Clay, I'm guessing), then it's all to the good.

    And I didn't turn my back on Bo. I Bo-Lieve. :bodallas: We want cookies!

  13. Neither did I. great segment, well worked by Bo
    Gabriel & Clay is fine by me as long as it doesn't consume a spot each week and take tv time from Graves, Zayn, Sylvester, Rose, etc
  14. It was a pretty fun show. Rose's gimmick is great, was thinking he was going to use a Diving Clothesline as a finish or something, Elbow is... ok. Sad to see Frenchie get squashed like that, but it'll be fun to see him as a singles wrestler, I suppose. Hopefully he starts speaking more. Heel Brodus is awesome, got a nice angle going (being angry at the people who "screwed" him, mad at WWE, etc) and he cuts some great promos. His feud with Neville has been fun so far (not sure if that Top Rope Slash is good for his knees, but that's another story). Bo's segment was awesome, both his delusional attempt at occupying the show and his realization that no one cared about him, really sounded like a whiny kid. It was great. The main event was decent, not a good match, no terrible, just there. Bo winning is good, Gabriel shouldn't get the win just because he's been in the main roster, and it's good that he's down on NXT, hopefully he gets a gimmick to try to run with.
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  15. I think the feud with Brodus will help Neville with his mic skills, maybe its because of the way his voice is and stuff he just doesn't sound that sure of himself at times. His in ring ability is undeniable but I can see him coming out of the feud with a much better understanding on cutting promos.

    Agreed thtat Mojo has to stop the diva butt thing, and actually do a finisher. The way he wrestles actually resembles the warrior in some ways, high energy, fast and the guy is built like a road engine.

    Rose looked a little out of shape when he tried to run against the ropes but other than that a decent match.

    Bo's match wasn't great but it was alright, his occupy segment was funny.

    And BOOO no ascension, zayn, graves.
  16. I think for Bo, as much as I dislike him that this should be his last NXT appearance, he's got vignettes airing and imo would be a good way to go out on NXT, His memorable attempt and realization that the fans don't care for him and him winning is a perfect way for Bo to now debut on RAW/Smackdown/ME. Don't know about anyone else
  17. I can do nothing but agree that Mojo needs a new finisher.
  18. Give him The Mark of Excellence, really would do well for his high energy character
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