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  1. Which do you prefer? The RAW and Smackdown sets are great in their own right, but the more I watch NXT and I realize that it doesn't move from location to location like the live shows do - the more I like it. I even noticed they have an LED display on the one side of the ring the wide shot camera is looking at it from. I don't think I've ever seen that on RAW or Smackdown. Have you guys?

    Anyway, I figured a discussion of a mobile set vs a stationary set might be worth starting up. Obviously there are cost issues, amongst others. But does the bad outweigh the good in your opinion?
  2. The apron LED screen is very new, it debuted at Takeover 2 I believe. So they might be trying it out for use on the road set. But I'd see it cause a problem since it's put on the hard camera side, which is the side the wrestlers tend to go to for getting weapons. NXT doesn't use as many weapons and such.
  3. Right, imagine Reigns trying to do the dropkick on the outside with the LED screen there. I could see that going badly.
  4. "Someone get me out of this wiring!"
  5. I don't think there's much of a difference with mobile and stationary for WWE, honestly. Surely costs are an issue, but when you have lots of money such as WWE (granted they're in bad shape, but overall) not really a big difference. I think the LED apron is cool, don't think the apron moves would be an issue really (the top is probably still the same) and they can always get weapons on the other sides.
  6. I think that NXT will always be better than the normal WWE in one way or another, and right now one of those things is their arena definitely.
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