NXT Battle Royale for the #1 Contender spot.

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 10, 2014.

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  1. On this past episode they had a Battle Royale for the #1 contender spot and honestly it was one of the coolest matches I've seen on the show in awhile.

    I mean the ending itself was awesome IMO.

    What did you all think? Those who viewed it that is.

    This kind of set up for the match at NXT Takeover is verry intersting imo..

    Results Below:
    Show Spoiler
    Tyler Breeze was primed for a win with T.K & S.Z hanging on the ropes however T.K grabbed Breeze with his legs and flipped him out onto both Zayn & Kidd causing all three to get eliminated at the "same time" Triple Threat on next week's released taping between; Tyson Kidd / Sami Zayn / Tyler Breeze
  2. I know the spoilers are around here somewhere, but I don't read spoilers as a general rule, so I will say that I'm kinda rooting for Tyson Kidd to win the F4W and go on to face Neville for the NXT Championship.

    I'd also love to see Tyler Breeze in a feud with Sami Zayn.

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  3. Samesies, especially for NXT..
    I really want to support the program especially since arRIVAL they have been doing some great work/improvements.

    Interesting, I'm a Tyler Breeze guy myself and would like to see him go toe to toe with Neville for the title.

    I'd be cool with a TB and Zayn feud though, actually a T.Kidd and Zayn feud would be kinda cool imo too.
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  4. I actually feel like Zayn feuding with anybody on the NXT roster would be pretty solid.

    I'd like to see them save Zayn's NXT Title shot for after Corey Graves wins it from Neville, though. It would be epic to have Neville go over Kidd and Graves come out while he celebrates the victory to take Neville out.

    Zayn/Graves is a badass combo.

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  5. Yeah I have enjoyed when those two "faced" off against eachother whether it be just talking back and forth or in the ring against eachother.
    I think a Title match with those two would be prettttyy slick indeeed!
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  6. It was a really cool spot to end the battle royal, that's for sure. I also loved how there were Yoshi Tatsu chants, haha. A pretty fun match. But yeah, I'm thinking Breeze is winning the triple threat and fighting Neville, isn't Zayn feuding with Graves still (I know this doesn't forbid him from competing for the belt or anything, it's a possibility, but I'd bet on Breeze here)? I can't remember a blowoff there or anything. I'd be fine with either guy in the title match though, to be honest. Can't go wrong.
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  7. Yeah I mean honestly I think a title match between Neville or Zayn or Breeze or Kidd would be very entertaining especially as far as NXT superstars go.
    Unless the triple threat ends in some ridiculous way I'm sure there will be a very scarce number of people who don't agree with any one of those three being a legit #1 contender.

    Honestly if it ended in a tie creating a fatal 4 way at NXT Takeover or if Graves came out and disrupted the whole thing and then made it a straight 5 way elimination for the title I would be absolutely amazed at the creativeness.
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