NXT Champions attending Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. WWE had several NXT stars signing autographs and meeting fans at Monday and Tuesday’s TV events. Here is a photo of NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension along with NXT Champion Bo Dallas and NXT Women’s Champion Paige at RAW:


    Source: Pwmania
  2. Dallas' Cheeky Smile :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Get Paige on the main roster
  4. You know she'll most likely debut AFTER Wrestlemania....It's what they usually do.
    Good things come to those who wait (Even Though I doubt the Divas Division would improve with just Paige)
  5. Bo has THE smile
  6. No, Stop posting the same generic shit over and over again in any NXT thread, There are many better people to be called up, Zayn, Connor and Rick, Ohno, Emma etc.
  7. Paige on the main roster sounds good, as do the other people listed. She's as talented as any of them.
  8. Shit better than some on main roster.
  9. Well they were in Flordia after all, getting them all in there was probably a piece of cake.

    As for the on going Paige debate, send her to the main roster once she has a character other than "pale and angry".
  10. Stupid Bo Dallas. I wish O'Brian would smack that smile right off his face.
  11. No fucking way. You clearly havent seen the work Paige can do in that ring. She should already be on the main roster
  12. Ok first off the only person Adam listed that can really be compared to Paige is Emma, you know, being Divas and all. And second, I agree that Paige is better in ring than some main roster Divas. *cough* BELLAS *cough* BUT, I also think she should get some more time in NXT development, just to iron out some kinks. So after WM sounds good to me.
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  13. Aside from the derogatory comments about Paige's skin tone, I'm not sure what evidence there is that she's not talented. Trip's at least got something valid to say about her polishing her craft a bit more and showing up around Mania. That's fine. She will show up, and she'll be a breath of fresh air. Paige comes from a family of wrestlers and she's been taking bumps since she was 12 or 13 years old. If any Diva's got the background for this job, it's her.

    Emma is amazing. I love how Emma's funny, but when it's time to get her offense in she's all business. Her low flying crossbody to the corner is pretty epic.
  14. Yeah it is. I have to admit she annoyed the SHIT out of me at first with that stupid ass dance, but she is good in the ring. That move where she uses the ropes near the corner for a type of submission hold is cool too.
  15. The dance is supposed to be stupid!! Dude the submission in the ropes that she does, it's called the Tarantula. It's Tajiri's old shit from ECW. The NXT crowd are very smart, she got a LOUD "ECW" chant for that move once.
  16. Ah, I thought I had seen something like that before. She doesn't call it that though does she? Something with "emma" in it. And the dance is TOO stupid, lol. Oh well it works. I love how there is always that one Emma sign for the shows where the arms move. Makes me wonder if WWE puts it there or maybe gives whoever made the sign that same seat every time. Probably someone that goes to Full Sail that made it. They put some time into that shit though.
  17. Emma is nothing special
    Paige is the special one and considering WWE management chose Paige to be the first ever NXT women's champion that has to mean something. Paige will be on the main roster before anyone else I think it will be next year and she will be the new breakout star
  18. She's like the Divas version of Seth Rollins in that way
  19. Oh yeah... it's pretty obvious that Paige will language for months and months more in NXT while the clearly more talented Emma gets a main roster spot very shortly. Hopefully some time before the Rumble.
  20. You mean languish? Stupid spell check
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